Saturday, November 26, 2011

Allowing yourself to let go

Thanksgiving just ended. Was heckit but do-able. Work alway seams to interfear. As I thought about the past and my sisters I realized Diane will never feel sorry for hurting me. It has been years and as usual I am the only one hurt. She has happily moved on, while I am still hurt.

While talking to my older sister I found out my lil sister is going in for surgery, Like I had years back. (the reason for the seperation, I was in having surgery and Di was passing the hospital and never stopped to check on me.) She was right there. Nothing will change, nothing can it happened. There is only me and what I choose to do now.............

I told my sister I will be there if I know when.......... a dead silence. Then..... "I though you were mad at her?" I though for a moment...... not mad ... not at first....... I was hurt, so very hurt. Later came mad. Now I am back to hurt that she cared so little. But she did. Now it is decision time. Continue as I have or let go.

So now I will retract the cords that allowed me to hold on to that very hurtful time and allow my mind and body to heal. And heal I must, for without it, it will continue to eat away at me and my health. So I did. Lets see what tomorrow brings. I so miss the connections I had as a child with family. It is time to regain them.

I allow others to make bad choices and love them anyway.... why not Di? I was wrong for doing that. We can not change others, just our selves and the way we react towards what we are dealt.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A witch is a Witch!

A witch is a witch, I used to hear. Wrong! Most of us specialize. Some practices are very strick while most are very personal in their approach. With a few you study and get different degrees.

I am a Eclectic, Hedge and kitchen witch who was brought up an Eclectic, Hereditary witch!

My husband is a Gardenarian, Pictish witch.

We are both at the moment solitary practicers.

This is the different types.
Kitchen Witch:
It practices by home and hearth, mainly dealing with practical sides of the religion, magick, the elements and the earth.
HedgeWitch: Uses herbs and plants as a means of healing and magick. Good healers. Use the knowledge of plant spirits and times to grow and cut.
Ceremonial Witchcraft:
Mainly use ceremonial magick (obviously) in their practices. They commonly use Qabbalistic magick or Egyptian magick in their rituals.
Satanic Witch:
This doesn't exist. Why? Witches don't believe in Satan remember.
Celtic Wicca:
Goes by the elements, the Ancient Ones and nature. They are usually healers or respect them highly. They work with plants, stones, flowers, trees, the elemental people, the gnomes and the fairies.
Eclectic Witch:
Deosn't follow a particular religion or tradition. They study and learn from many different systems and use what works best for them.
British Traditional Witch:
A mix of Celtic and Gardenarian beliefs. They train through a degree process and the covens are usually co-ed.
Alexandrian Tradition:
They are said to be modified Gardenarian.
Gardenarian Tradition:
Follow a structured root in ceremony and practice. They aren't as much vocal as others and have a fairly foundational set of customs.
Dianic Tradition:
Includes a lot of different traditions in one. Their prime focus now-a-days is the Goddess. It is the more feminist side of 'The Craft'.
Pictish Witchcraft:
It's originally from Scotland and is a solitary form of The Craft. It is more magickal in nature than it is in religion.
Hereditary Witch:
Someone who has been taught the 'Old Religion' through the generations of their family.
Caledonii Tradition:
Also known as the Hecatine Tradition, it's the denomination of the craft with a Scotish origin
Pow-wow Witch:
Comes from southern central Pennsylvania based on a 400 year old elite magick concentrating on simple faith healing
Slega witch:
came from Italy and are known to be the smallest group in the US. It is said their craft is wise and beautiful, but very secretive.
Solitary Witch:
One who practices alone with out a coven. They can follow any tradition.