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September 29th.2008 New Moon by Zephra

September 29th. New Moon

Last week the wheel turned to Equinox. The Sun entered into Libra the Scales. Our world was in balance. Day and night were equal, but rapidly the darkness is taking over. Thirteen minutes darker this week than last. The cycle of Light and Darkness continues…

Tonight is the new moon and it too is in Libra. We are finding that balance of holding on to past lessons (astrology and Mabon) and moving forward to the new lessons. (energy, auras and chakras). Because one subject over-laps another, the basic interest tonight is New Moon/Dark Moon, *Balance* Energy and Grounding,* Starting with the Root Chakra.*

Which in turn will lead to the complete Chakra System, Building/redecorating/returning to our Magical Home and why I always use 7 steps to get there!

Finding balance and feeling the energies within us and around us. Even our studies take us in circles. Last year around this time we touched upon chakras and auras. I talk about energies often because of the fact that everything vibrates at a specific level, unique to that particular being. Humans, Animals, Plants, Minerals, The Earth Herself, The Moon and beyond to the furthest reaches of the Universe, are all humming along to their own tune.

As I write this I feel my body change to an almost meditative state. Relaxed, letting my words flow….. My fingers tingle in time with my thoughts…. The energy in my body is rising. I feel we are on the right path for our lessons. Trying to keep it interesting and useful for those that have been studying for awhile and introducing these basics to those who wish to learn……. I go into my magical home….centered and grounded. Inspiration comes… the answers come… the words are there, ready to be picked. I realize how everything I see, do, think, touch, and even taste and smell, I categorize into correspondences, directions, elements, chakras, all swirling around me, keeping me connected to God/Goddess, The Earth and All There Is. I may be borderline crazy….. But that’s okay…. Most of the time….. I think……

So, Before we move on, I ask, do we all have a meditative/magical room inside our minds? Do you ever have the need to ground yourself? These are ways to feel the energies in your body changing, becoming more natural, relaxed, in-tune and ready for the magick to begin With this New Moon and new beginnings, with the Sun and Moon in Libra, are we ready to find the balance in our lives?

First let’s create a grounding cord. This concentrates on the root chakra:

Get comfortable. Three deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Place your right hand on your belly just at your pubic bone and your left hand behind you at the base of your tail bone. Envision a circular energy center inside your pelvis right between your hands….. This is your root chakra …….envision a disk, a red color of swirling energy, feel it pulsing between your hands. This firmly anchored disk resides in your body at all times…..this center has been present from birth…. It has a constant and unlimited supply of energy…….its primary function is to feed and serve you……. When you see this swirling red energy clearly you may rest your hands in your lap.

From this chakra see a cord or root or tube of energy moving downward… end is anchored….plugged inside your body… the other, this cord, is moving down though the chair……into the floor…. See it moving into the earth…. Through dirt….stones…. Around and down….past boulders and other roots….deeper…….past underground rivers ……layers of coal and quartz ….then you reach the center of the Earth….Red hot magma…. Plug into this magma…..feel your root wrap around this energy…. Feel your center of gravity connect with the Earth’s gravity…..Call your name down the cord….. From the chakra you see your name written all over the energy that swirls downward….. This is your 1st. Cord………………………………...........................................................

Now simply release your cord….. Unplug it from your chakra center……….. Let it burn in the hot lava…… let it go…… remind your self that you are in charge of your energy… It belongs to you.

Deep breath…. Come back to here and now more relaxed, more open to the ultimate possibilities.

This is an exercise you can do while walking around, working, resting even driving. Once you get used to doing this it will become easier and easier. Use your grounding root in different ways. When you are angry or frustrated, it can dissipate these negative impulses and purify them into a solution. If you are tired or low energy, tap into this unlimited supply. Energize yourself. If you are feeling indecisive or spacey, ground your self and feel the answers. You can ground out pain, both physical and mental. And as always it is a direct link to God/Goddess.

Now you can ground yourself, any time, anywhere, any way you like. There are only a few guidelines for optimal grounding: It should be securely anchored at both ends. There should be a constant downward flow so it can be used as a cleaning tool. Don’t forget to call your name down it. And the outside edges are rounded, without holes, tears or breaks to leak energy. Beyond that, its size, color and anchoring system are yours to create. Change the color each day for love, energy, money, (think positive), healing, happiness or anything you need to work or. Use the color of the day. Just for fun, happy carefree attitude. Start each day with a new cord/root. Check in often. Release stress before it builds up.

Harvest Moon by Zephra

 We gather on this eve of the full Moon to honor and harness the energy of the

“Harvest Moon”

We look to the East for the rising Moon, feeling the tidal pull within our body. Waxing full, shining bright, all through the deepening night.

We call upon the energy She emits.

As we cast this Circle, we pull in the universal powers for guidance and protection.

EAST: From the East and power of air. Quickening our minds and thoughts so fair. Opening the way for the inspiration you bring. The Sylphs and beings with wings.

Mercury and Jupiter we remember with honor. So Mote It Be.

SOUTH: From the South and power of fire. Tempering our will and our desire.

Opening the way for flames on high. The Salamanders and Dragons near by.

The Sun and Mars we remember with honor. So Mote It Be.

WEST: From the West and power of water, Cleansing the souls of you sons and daughters Opening the way for your healing touch. Undines and fishes we love so much. The Moon and Neptune we remember with honor. So Mote It Be.

NORTH: From the North and power of earth. Preparing your children for rebirth. Opening the way for the wisdom we seek. The Gnomes and animals we shall meet.

Venus and Saturn we remember with honor. So Mote It Be.

We feel the energies around us, God Power, Goddess Power, filling the evening air. Radiating from the setting Sun, pulling on our watery bodies. Pulsing up from the ground beneath our feet. We wish to use these powers as we dedicate and consecrate our tools of the Craft. Be it Athame or Wand. Pentacle or Chalice. Runes, Tarot Deck, Stones and Crystals . Or our Body that carries out our work. Whatever you have brought to strengthen the bond between yourself and God/Goddess and as a Circle between Us.

Hand to Hand and Heart to Heart, we form this Sacred Circle.

Going to each Altar to purify, think about what you wish to achieve. Using the words mentioned, adding your own.

Before the Altar of the East:

(cleanse your items within the smoke)

With the power of Air - inspire- imagine- begin-

Before the Altar of the South:

(cleanse your items above the flame)

With the power of Fire - will- motivation- do-

Before the Altar of the West:

(cleanse your items with the water)

With the power of Water-intuition- love-emotions-feel-

Before the Altar of the North:

(cleanse your items with the salt)

With the power of Earth - strength- grounded- complete -

We will use these newly consecrated tools/ourselves with the highest intentions, given by the Universal Powers that surround us.

“Now I walk in Beauty, Beauty is before me, Beauty is behind me, Above and below me”

Cakes and Ale

From Her Body to ours: “May you never hunger.”

From Her Blood to ours: “May you never thirst.”


Thank-you spirits of the East for witnessing this rite. Mercury and Jupiter.

Hale and Farewell. So Mote It Be.

Thank-you spirits of the North for witnessing this rite. Venus and Saturn.

Hale and Farewell. So Mote It Be.

Thank-you spirits of the West for witnessing this rite. Moon and Neptune.

Hale and Farewell. So Mote It Be.

Thank-you spirits of the South for witnessing this rite. Sun and Mars.

Hale and Farewell. So Mote It Be.

The Circle is open yet unbroken, Merry Meet and Merry Part, until we meet again.

An Astrological Meditation

Relaxation…. Breathe in calm…breathe out tension…. Relax your toes…breathe ….relax your lower legs… feeling the tension flow out…. Your thighs relax…breathe…. Your hips relax…..breathe in… your belly is relaxed….breathe out…. The tightness in your chest is lifted…. Your shoulders are relaxed. Calmness washes over your neck and arms…and hands…breathe…. Tension flows out your fingers…breathe….your jaw…relaxed…tongue relaxed….. Any more tension is released from your scalp…..breathe…and counting your steps 7.….6.….5.…4.…3.…2.…1.…. Your doorway is before you. You step through.. It is a crisp Spring morning. It is Spring Equinox the Sun is entering Aries the Ram. Looking toward the snowy mountains you see the ram coming toward you. …..The fire in his eyes makes you leery …..the sparks from his hooves are bright. An aura of red is around him. He is high energy of Mars….undaunted by challenge he puts his head down and rams his way though…. He struts off and you breathe………… The spring grass is greening up… you spot Taurus the Bull grazing….enjoying the sunshine. Taurus is ruled by Venus and the bull comes toward you. You are charmed by the gentleness….. An aura of pinks blues and greens. But don’t get too comfortable and don’t wave a red flag or anger the bull… though slow to anger, the rage can be frightening….. Taurus goes back to grazing and soaking up the warmth of the Sun…..As you move along your path you see the Twins of Gemini sitting upon a wall…. Talking of course… They have a lot to say and will tell you whether you are interested or not. Mercury rules them…. They get the word out to all….Telephone….telegraph…. Tell a Gemini…They are surrounded with an aura of yellow………On the other side of the wall the path leads down to a beach…. The Sun is high overhead. Summer Solstice is at hand…. From the water, Cancer the Crab emerges ….. Gathering her young safely away from danger…if threatened Cancer is protected by her hard shell… feeling her home ebb and flow with the tides… the Moon rules cancer… and she glows with a silvery gray aura………………. Upon the bluff Leo the Lion roars into view….. All eyes are upon this regal beast and he knows it. The golden Sun and golden aura enhance his royal appearance …..his smile charms….his style warms… Even those in doubt will listen to what he has to say…..when he is sure he has your attention, in grand showmanship, he makes his exit…….After your eyes adjust you see a woman walking toward you… the air has taken on the aroma of ripe apples and wood smoke…..fall is in the air….Virgo the Virgin greets you with a “Mona Lisa” smile…. She offers you refreshments … on a neatly prepared table is anything you desire. She too is ruled by Mercury and communication is her middle name. Navy blue radiates from her aura .But she is busy and is off to her next meeting………..Following your path you see a great set of scales… It is the Autumnal Equinox daylight and darkness are balanced … there are other people waiting to weigh their options…. Their life…. Their future….. Your turn arrives Libra the Scales waits for you…. Making decisions … casting judgment… A slight breeze may tip the scales first one way then the next….an aura of pinks and blues and greens ungulate and the compassion of Venus tends to give Libra the ability to say what others want to hear……

The Sun is setting earlier so you hurry on….before you is Scorpio the Scorpion….She blocks your path…. Pluto rules Scorpio and gives her a sense of purpose…… she is right….she will always win…..Quick and deadly she demands respect….. Even in the growing gloom her aura is deep shades of red and maroon……but she’ll keep your secret…………A fiery arrow shoots across the sky….you walk toward the source and a centaur gallops into view… Sagittarius…half man half horse… traveling is his game and willing to take risks……..he asks you your name.. Your reason for being here and how your adventure is going. But he is too impatient to hear what you have to say….. For he is off to his next horizon …bathed in rich purples and dark blues of his aura and Jupiter rising in the sky the last thing you hear is the clopping of hooves over the stony path………The stones give way to a lake and you wonderis that a mermaid you see? No it is Capricorn half goat half fish….she is grumbling as you approach … you listen to how hard she works and try as she may…never hard enough…problems….money… “Oh hi” she is so sorry about that little rant She busies herself “A lot to do, you know!” … aura of muted dark greens and grays like the skies at Winter Solstice… Saturn rules Capricorn and Saturn keeps the goat agitated …….you feel like you are interrupting her plans and you move on……. Upon the shore is a man gathering water…. Then pouring it back…. It reminds you of the Temperance card of the Tarot. He is devoted to his task……tempering the water…he is Aquarius the water bearer…..his aura radiates electric blue and turquoise ….he asks you to dip your mind into the waters that he stirs….enlightenment is his quest…his duty is here and Uranus has a long time to influence this world……. You leave him to his task………Walking along the shore you come to a bridge….as you cross you look down into the water to see a pair of fish looking up at you…… dreamily they swim in circles… one going one way the other the opposite…“which way?”…..they ask.. Spring is coming….no it’s still Winter… ongoing dispute…a power struggle within…Neptune rules these unruly fish……they go with the flow it’s easier that way…they reflect the colors around them….today it’s brown……………….You are across to the other side and you see you are back to the beginning and your doorway….through the door

…up your steps 1...2.…3.…4.…5.…6.…7.… Here and now with a greater understanding of the Zodiac

The Moon through the Signs

Moon in Aries: note authority, leadership, starting something new. Also selfishness, me first attitudes and short tempers.

Moon in Taurus: note money issues and how everyone deals with them. Expressions of love. Also a lazy attitude, stubborn, jealous and greedy.

Moon in Gemini: catching up on correspondences, communication, writing, travel. But could issue in a wanderlust, restlessness, and a talk, talk, talk problem.

Moon in Cancer: home and family first on your list, taking care of others, mothering everyone around you. Which could lead to smothering, overbearing, overly sensitive and moody.

Moon in Leo: Authority, courageous, proud. Which in turn could seem like look at me! Do it my way. Bullying and aggressive. Over-spending.

Moon in Virgo: organizing, cleaning, catching up on chores. Health conscious, eating healthy & feeding everyone. On the other hand, O.C.D., worrying, fussiness to the extreme.

Moon in Libra: rational, fair, seeing both sides in a situation. Balanced (spiritual and otherwise), creativity kicks in. On the down side, sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, trying to solve everyone’s problems.

Moon in Scorpio: Inner strength, psychic tendencies emerge, strong urge to have monkey love sex. In turn may become an obsession with someone who doesn’t return the same feelings, secrets, hermit-like tendencies.

Moon in Sagittarius: the mind turns to travel, sports, competition of all kinds. And that too can be an over enthusiasm that can lead to fights and confrontation.

Moon in Capricorn: ambition, career, organizing and politics may be first order of conversation. Work-a-holic, neglecting family and friends. Hording money, food and time.

Moon in Aquarius: using your mind to break bad habits, get into a good book and learn new things, delving deep into a subject. Negative tendencies are over-indulgence freedom craving avoidance.

Moon in Pisces: music, art and dreams may be prominent. Telepathy kicks in and the moon lends Her psychic talents. Dreams turn to dreaminess, laziness and avoidance. La la la.

Lughnasadh by Zephra

6:00pm Aug 29

Welcome to The Circle of Seekers. Thank-you for joining us as we turn the wheel to Lammas- Lughnasadh - First Harvest. As season follows season, as snow follows summer the change is made, for darkness must follow light. From the blessing of our seeds to the dedicating of the garden, to the harvesting the fruits of our labor we have followed the cycle of the Earth. With bittersweet emotions we begin to turn toward autumn.

East: We gather as in the days of old

To celebrate this season bold.

With the breeze of East and Air

Come join our Lughnasadh fair. So mote it be.

South: To the South with Sun so bright

We celebrate this Lammas night

Feeding flames of strength and desire

Join with us the energy of Fire. So mote it be.

West: Western Waters bright and blue

Stay the course, tried and true

We invite Thee to our rite

And all the joy this harvest night. So mote it be.

North: We call upon the Northern spirits

Mother Earth to hold and cheer us

Strength and honor of Lugh’s games

And invite Thee all to do the same. So mote it be.

Ruby: Welcome oh Corn Lord, golden haired son of Mother Earth and Father Sky, lover of the sovereign Goddess of the land. Sacred King who meets death at the Queen’s hand.

Matt: Come great Goddess, spirit of the Earth, whose body supports us. Mother of the universe, whose milk is the stars. Spinner of fate, who weaves and measures our lives. Lady of death who cuts the thread. Be welcome here as the Queen of the harvest.

This is a celebration of plenty and prosperity.

Pour the juice: Lord and Lady, we call upon you to bless this fruit of the Earth, the blood of the Earth pressed smooth. As we drink of Thee may we learn the wisdom of God and Goddess.

Break the bread: Lord and Lady, we call upon you to bless this bread, the fruit of the womb of the Goddess, without which we would not live. As we eat of Thee may we learn the love of God and Goddess.

Lughnasadh named after the Celtic God Lugh. God of light. Nasadh means assemble or games. So the festival of Lughnasadh was characterized by games - horse racing and feats of physical prowess. It marks the high point of a season in which war-skills and hunting were still the order of the day.

Lugh of the long arm, let the fire be lit!

Let the games begin.

Our Games include Archery, Horse-shoes, Bocce-ball.

Activities are: Making a Corn Dolly, Henna, Face painting and all around fun and laughter.

Feast: We thank Goddess Gaia for this bounty of food from Her body and the God Lugh of the Sun that provides the life giving light.

Closing: E. We thank the spirits of the East for coming to our Lammas feast. So Mote It Be

N. We thank the spirits of the North, we felt your presence coming forth. So Mote It Be

W. We thank the spirits of the West, with your healing touch we know best. So Mote It Be

S. We thank the spirits of the South, your loving kiss upon our mouth. So Mote It Be

The circle is open yet unbroken, merry meet and merry part until we meet again. May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.

July Herb Studies Nov 15, '08 8:06 PM Zephra

 "Every breath is a give-away dance between you and the plants. Breathe this in. Plant Spirit Healing vibrates like a harp string, shimmers like a spider web, and is destined to be the warp thread in the re-weaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients." Susun Weed.
We have a symbiotic relationship with plants. Though they can live without us, we cannot live without them. Animal, Mineral, Vegetable; all the growing things upon this Earth, it is the vegetable that sustains us, heals us, feeds us and produces the life-giving oxygen that keeps us alive.
Leaf, flower, root, bark and seed; distilled, dried and fresh all hold the essence of the plant from which it came.
Magikal properties too can be gleaned from just sensing these herbs. Every plant has a purpose, either healing or magik it is revealed as we get to know them.
Pick up any Wiccan book and it will have a section on herbs. Mostly magikal aspects and spells but also healing and spiritual as well.
On our "Circle of Seekers" group site are numerous uses for herbs, teas, recipes, spells and more.
What we have laid out before us is an array of herbs, oils and resins. On the hand-outs are various uses and aspects but I encourage you to use your intuition and common sense.

So we all got busy and created our mixtures, potions, oils and teas. I would like everyone to share what changes took place in the next few weeks. Enlightening? Magikal? Success?

Meditation for Litha: By Zephra

 Relaxation.....breathing in through your nose and out through you mouth.......Relax your body......your mind...... your spirit.................. breathe in calm .........breathe out tension................. follow your breath as it flows outward.... relaxed..... as you count your steps 7....6....5....4....3....2....1.... and through your doorway.

As you stop through, the sun shines so brightly you must shade your eyes to see. The lushness of the land awaits. Leaves full.... the grasses are thick and tall.... your path overgrown but you pick your way toward the trees..... seeing the shadow faces....shadow the trees. It will be cooler under their canopy but now the Sun beats down....sweat trickles down your back..... the cicadas are buzzing.....bees nodding in the heat.

You are on your way to the Summer Solstice gathering and excited about the celebration. Food...fairies.... fun And the crowning of the King. The Holly King.

Into the forest you go.....even the smell is cooler.... musky.....magikal.... a fleeting glimpse of movement beside you.......ahead of you.....above.....behind you. All beings are heading toward the gathering. A flutter of wings.... a rustle of leaves..... then you see... the procession of Fairies. The Queen.... escorted by Her attendants and consort. You follow quietly being a part of the grand parade........... Deeper into the trees... rays of sunlight dappling the forest carpet....pine-needles and moss make your foot steps nearly silent. A smokey smell makes you realize you are almost there.................

Into a clearing.... you have arrived. A bon-fire center with the tall trees surrounding......... guarding.......... protective sentinels.

From the East the fairies and sylphs arrive...........
From the South, the fiery dragons, salamanders and big cats watch from the edges. The Mer-people and undines have followed the river in from the West. And the sturdy trolls and gnomes from the North. All have come to witness this rite......... The Oak King stand tall and proud, yet He is weary from His trek from Yule to Litha.... He is ready to step down. He awaits with the crowd...... as the drumming grows louder................. With a flash!!.... the young King steps up..... a wreath of holly halos His head........ smiling, He greets the crowd.. Cheering and laughter....... Then the old King kneels and passes His sword to the new King....... with a gust of wind............... the Oak King is nothing more than leaves scattered to the four directions............... The Holly King in reverence................ His head bowed in respect............Silence for the fallen King............. But with a glint in His eye, He raises His sword.... "To a new season!" ho-ray "Let the celebration begin."

Laughter and cheers.... the mead is passed and the toasts are made...... food is plentiful............. and the air vibrates with magik........... Be a part of the eat........... dance and sing.....................................................
who are you with?............................................. Who do you wish to meet?...............................................
The sun begins to head westward yet darkness is a long way off............... Music drifts in and out of your perception............. still the party continues......
Near midnight the darkness descends....... little by little the crowd thins...... heading back to their homes.................groups leave the clearing............ the bonfire has died down........... twinkling lights from distant travelers trail off into the forest. and you too must be heading home.

Through the trees...............your pathway is a dark line amid the moonlit grass............ crickets have replaced the bees............... fireflies blink on and off. guiding you on....... At your doorway....pause, turn and think back on the days events.......................... Give thanks .. You are ready for the second half of the year..... through your doorway... counting your steps back 1...2...3...4...5...6...7... And be here... breath..... and open your eyes and smile.

Summer Solstice 2008 By Zephra

Summer Solstice

We celebrate the noon of Summer with this rite, held in honor of the blazing God of the Sun. All of nature vibrates with the fertile energies of the Goddess and the God. The Earth is bathed with warmth and light and life of the Sun. The Wheel turns again…… Since Yule the light has been growing ever stronger. At Ostara the light became greater than the dark, and the light has kept on growing until to day, the middle time of light. Litha, Midsummer, Summer Solstice. From here the light begins to fade again, until once more, the wheel will turn to darkness and Yule. But today the Sun is high, the light is bright, the Earth is warm. As the Lord of the Sun blazes above, the fires of our celebration shall blaze below.

East: As dawn came early in the East of this longest day the air was fresh with newness, heavy with dew. As the Sun brightened the sky the birds began to sing, butterflies sought out nectar in the perfume scented air. This is the dawning of the longest day. So Mote It Be.

South: The Sun rose high in the sky, bright, hot, glowing. Passion burned and power was wrought. Dogs panted in the heat, cats lie in sunbeams. There is a stillness as heat waves shimmer upon the roadways. This is the fullness of the longest day. So Mote It Be.

West: Sunset took its time reaching the western sky, setting gently down into the water “pshhhhhshhhhh” as the blueness cools the embers. Schools of minnows dart as one, ducks bob among the waves. This is the evening of the longest day. So Mote It Be.

North: Midnight approaches, still barely dark. The earth has cooled only slightly. Night sounds of crickets and owls and deer crunching through the grass. The mysteries of the night creep slowly through the mist. Quickly the darkness deepens only to turn once more toward dawn. This is the short night of the longest day. So Mote It Be.

While the Goddess remains constant at the hub of the wheel, the eight festivals mark phases of the God in his aspect of vegetation Lord and Sun God. From birth to death to rebirth the wheel ever turns. Though the Summer Solstice marks the zenith of the sun and the day of longest light, it is also a day of sadness because from this day the light begins to decline. The days shorten and though this is midsummer we are moving back toward winter. Everything has its season. The first cutting of hay has been baled and barned. Red hot radishes are celebrating their season. Our Oak King awaits the end of his season as the Holly King begins His reign. So farewell our Oak King. Welcome our Holly King.

Mead of honey… June the Honey Moon…

We offer this drink to the spirits of the land.

Let us all drink, and as they drink, all add their blessings

As we pass the cup each of us say something in praise of the season.

(I praise the warm summer rain)

We stand in awe beneath the Sky Father

We stand in love upon the Earth Mother

We celebrate this season- the summer warmth

The abundant earth- this Litha rite

Let the fire be lit, not only here on this midsummer day, but also in our hearts and minds for all our lives! “May the fire be lit”

The magic of Midsummer would not be complete without noting the Fairies. Like Shakespeare’s “Midsummer’s Night Dream” or Wendy Froud’s “A Midsummer Night’s Fairy Tale” This is a fairy story. It doesn’t begin “once upon a time” or “in a land far, far away”……It begins here in the world we know, in a forest called Old Oak Wood. Now many folk in our modern world will tell you fairies don’t really exist, but that doesn’t stop the fairies from going about their daily business, anymore than their disbelief in humans would cause us to disappear. To humans that are determined not to believe in them, they remain quite invisible. Yet anyone who has ever suspected that Nature Herself has a spirit and a soul can learn to see Her children, the fairies, flickering through shadows of field and wood. (Wendy Froud)


Sharing with the talking stick:

We give thanks to the Great Goddess of the Earth. Mother grant us your blessings. Grant us full orchards and fields of ripening grain. Be with us in our lives as you were to those of old. Grant us your love and blessings.

Let blessing be!

All: “Let Blessing Be.”

O Lord of the Sun, great eye of the heavens. Grant your light and your blessings to this land, protect us from the powers of blight and darkness. Be with us in our lives as you were to those of old. Grant us your wisdom and your blessings. Let blessing be!

All: “Let Blessing Be.”



Spirits of the Air and East, thank-you for joining our Solstice feast. Birds and bees and tops of trees, hail and farewell. So Mote It Be.

Spirits of Earth and North, thank-you for coming forth. Badger and troll and buffalo, hail and farewell. So Mote It Be.

Spirits of Water and West, thank-you for this Litha blessing. Undines and whales and fishes tails, hail and farewell. So Mote It Be.

Spirits of fire and South, thank-you for the joy in this house. Mouse and dragon and firefly, hail and farewell. So Mote It Be.

Great Sun God- Holly King- Lord of the waning year. Thank-you.

Goddess Mother- Fairy Queen- Lady of the fields. Thank-you

The circle is open yet unbroken, merry meet and merry part until we meet again.

Samhain ritual written Zephra

As the official sight of my first coven disbands I am hoping to save some of Zephra's hard work!

Samhain 2008

We gather here tonight to celebrate Samhain, Halloween, All Souls’ Day and the New Year. The wheel has turned to the Third Harvest. Our lives are not measured by the minute or the hour, but by the seasons and the moon. Cycle and celebration. Holidays approach with familiar joys, each bringing a recognition that time is a circle, always returning back to now. Marking the passage of the seasons. When people live close to nature, the dramas of weather and transformation are surrounded by the mysteries of God and Goddess. Learning these mysteries, finding magick in each leaf and stone and star is our quest. To feel connected with every energy, and make the world a more loving place.

We smudge as a clearing of negative energies that we seem to collect on our daily journey, misconceived ideas and sorrows. To release our cares to a higher power. A cleansing of the spirit.

Because of the thinning veil between this world and others unseen, all the restless souls are seeking an audience, we must ask only those of purest intent to come through. We ask for guidance and protection as we call the quarters and cast the circle.

Hecate, the Goddess of the underworld will be our guide tonight as we journey through the veil and serve as protector to those who visit us night. So let us push this circle beyond the boundaries of this house. See it glowing with power and protection.

East: Hecate! We invite Thee, join us in this rite, upon Your Owls and Ravens this night. Flying on the wind that whirls between worlds, we hear Your whispering with each breath, in the murmuring magick of our minds. With your guidance and protection. So Mote It Be.

South: Hecate! We invite Thee to come riding the fire, with Your Lions and Wild Cats of intensity and desire. In the burning flames we hear You roaring along our nerves, dancing in the blaze that leaps into our will. With guidance and protection. So Mote It Be.

West: Hecate! Come upon Your great Slithering Serpent, Your Dragon rising from the watery abyss. Pouring out visions and prophetic dreams. Embrace us in love with the waves that roar within our hearts. With guidance and protection. So Mote It Be.

North: Hecate! Come join us this night of nights with Your Wolves and Hounds before our sight. From the depths, they come bounding out of the caverns of the earth. We hear your howl deep in our bones, within the marrow of our souls.

Light the candles East, South, West, North.

All: Hand to hand and heart we cast this sacred circle.

Every beginning has an ending. And every ending is a new beginning. In life is death and in death is life. Watch over us oh loved ones and all Brothers and Sisters, here and departed, for tonight we are joined together again for fellowship and celebration. Bless us as we light our candles. Guide us and protect us tonight and throughout the coming year.

Let us honor those who have moved from our world, with the lighting of candles and shared memories. Place your pictures or memories on the altar. Light as many as needed. Saying that beings name to yourself as you do so. Fill yourself with memories, the good times and the feeling of peace.

Even though the body dies

The soul lives on forever

In the circle of birth and death

The tie of love cannot be severed.

This night we remember

The memory of loved ones

Passed on to the Summerland

Mothers, Fathers. Daughters, Sons.

You still live on

In our hearts and memory

Until you are born again

We say blessed be.

The Call To Hecate

Hecate! come, the moon's path opens before thee
From thy secret realm
Dark as midnight seas
Approach the crossroads with thy wild wolves
Thou that runs with the fierce,
Run now with us

Guide to the underworld
She of the ancient wisdom black as night,
Red as blood!
Wise as time, ever lasting...
Lead our hearts to those beloved who have passed on
Lead this sacred circle of night beyond the veil!
Guide us in wisdom and let our hearts speak truly!

Hecate! Who art the soul's mirror and the keeper of the keys
Come, calm all our fears ...
In the silvered silence of the moon!
In the howls of the wild!
From the realm of transformation!
Show us the reality of re-birth!
Hecate grant us thy presence!
Come, guide us, so the living speak with the dead!



Get comfortable, settle in, ready to begin your journey

close your eyes... and begin to breathe... slowly and deeply - notice your breath -and begin to engage your whole body in it's process. As you inhale, do so with every fiber of your being - it is as if every pore in your skin were taking in the cool night air. Feel the oxygen replenish your life's blood, bringing you clarity of mind. Now as you exhale, notice the calming peacefulness which surrounds you. Feel the stillness in that moment before you next choose to inhale. And precede to your steps…. 7.…6...downward you go….5.…4.…deeper into the Earth……..3.…2.….1.…and your door is before you……The entrance to otherworld …A misty veil is parting as you gaze into the unknown…..Through the veil dark and deep, the door between world release…..

Here...we shall find all that have passed…. Now once again, concentrate on your breath, and as you inhale, concentrate the Life Force in Spiritual Vision. think of one who was dear to you, remember a most special one, perhaps even a lost feeling that has passed into this realm. This may be a relative , a lover or a friend, a companion, or pet.. most loved to whom you would like to speak. Notice your senses … see them become clearer…smell the essence of them…..a memory of a taste …..a touch of a beard, whiskers or soft fur….a kiss perhaps… a wafting smell… They are here…Now is your chance to honor them, send them your love and respect.. Do you need to complete unfinished matters with your loved one? In their departure had you not yet said to them what must be said? You know that you must say to them now what you did not have a chance to say in life. Bring this treasure now to mind, be open and relaxed - see them near. …………..*************************************************................Now once again notice your breath...and as you draw in the Life Force, send its essence to your heart...for it is there that the voice to be heard in this world abides. Feel your heart, breathe into your heart. Now as you exhale, send the message from your heart to that beloved one, speak the things to them that you could not speak of before. (pause)

Now you may listen, allow the voice of your loved one to speak back to you; to say what they could not speak before. Listen carefully and remember all that is said.........


When you feel that your communion is complete and you are ready, at your own pace, Thank them…. know that you will be with them again,…. go back through the door seeing the mist thickening beyond the doorway… go up your steps…1.…….2.………3.…………..4.……..5.…………6.……..7...come back to the world of the living. Come back to your body and know your message has been heard, your offering received. When you are complete, Open your eyes and give thanks...

As the New Year is born, we are all reborn, with new hopes and dreams. To achieve our goals we need strength and courage, knowledge and faith.

While still in that flux of meditation dreaminess, if you wish go to the scrying bowl, pour some water from the pitcher and gazing deeply see what the new year may have in store. When finished pour the water into the container on the other side. Now it is ready for the next one. Please take your time. Those of us waiting are still reveling in our visions.

Sharing…..passing the talking stick.


Life is a circle

Our ties last forever

We pass through this life

And go round together

So, eat drink and be happy

As happy as we

Share and give thanks

So mote it be.

Remember to set a plate out for the spirits that have helped us throughout the night.


E. Farewell, Owls of the East, return to your perches in the night. We thank all who came for your presence in our circle tonight. Farewell.. So Mote It Be.

N. Farewell Wolves of the North, return to your caves. We that all being that joined us this night. Farewell. So Mote It Be.

W. Farewell Serpents of the West, return to your watery abyss. We thank the westerly being for their presence in our circle tonight. Farewell. So Mote It Be.

S. Farewell Lions of the South, return to your sun drenched savannahs, We thank you all who touched us on this special night. Farewell. So Mote It Be.

Thank you Hecate, Goddess of the Underworld, for guiding us through this night. Lead our Lord into Darkness, guide our loved ones also. Prepare them for rebirth. We will go within and await the Sun’s return.

All: The circle is open yet unbroken, merry meet and merry part, until we meet again. May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the days of the week

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, the days go by and we go about our business. We focus on our daily activities, jobs, shopping and relationships. Most people do not think about Astrology on a daily basis, at least they don’t think they do.

To our ancestors, the planets and their placements were of utmost importance. The planets and their associated deities were so important, to the ancients, that they named a day of the week for each, planet. Taking a look at our modern calendar, we can see that the ancient Romans are still influencing our contemporary days.

The first day of the week is obviously named for the Sun. The largest and brightest thing in the sky, it is fitting that the very first day of the week be named to honor the Sun. ‘Let there be light’. Many people today, reserve Sunday as their day off; keeping it as a bright spot in their week. Sunday is a good day to spend time outdoors soaking up the sun’s rays.

Monday or moon-day is named for the brightest light in our nighttime sky. Since the moon is the ruler of our emotions, we tend to focus on our feelings more on Monday than on any other day of the week.

Tuesday is Mars-day. Mars is the masculine, active energy in our lives; it is dominant and assertive. Because of the outgoing nature of Mars, Tuesday is a good day to get things done. Studies have shown that in the business world, more work gets done on Tuesday than on any other day of the work week.

In the middle of our week, we have Mercury’s day, Wednesday. This is the best day of the week for communication. Returning phone calls, writing speeches, holding meetings are all tasks suited for Wednesday.

Thursday is named for the lucky planet, Jupiter. Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter exerts more influence on us than any other planet in our sky. (Except of course the sun and moon which are considered luminaries.) Decisions made on Thursdays will tend to have greater impact than those made on other days.

Friday is, of course, named for Venus, the goddess of love. It’s no wonder that Friday night is date night. Under the influence of Venus, we are receptive to amorous feelings. Venus is a lover not a worker, and she reminds us of that each Friday afternoon as we anxiously watch the time clock.

Finally, rounding out our week is Saturn’s day. Saturn is the planet of self-reliance. Having successfully completed another work week, we tend to feel confident and self-assured. This positive attitude helps us to enjoy our weekend and will help us faces the challenges of the coming week.

What about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto? These planets were unknown to our ancestors, back when the week was defined. If they had known of the outer planets, perhaps our calendar would have 36½ ten day weeks instead of 52¼ seven day weeks.


Bony Old Crone
A-sittin' alone
A-stirrin' Her cauldron
And makin' a moan.....

The path of the Goddess Hecate is a path of the heart.
She is Hecate the maiden, Hecate the mother and Hecate
The crone. She is a triple goddess in her own right.
Unlike the detached meditations of the East, or the
Sedate Sunday prayer meetings of the church,
Witchcraft ceremony is passionate. The more deeply we
Feel about the Goddess when we pray to Her, the more
Moved we are by the liturgy, the more powerful the
Experience. There is a place of truth and love that
Reaches the heart. Devotion is a supremely personal
Matter, found by each of us in our own hearts. The
More you learn about the Goddess, the firmer your
Faith will become. Learning to see the Goddess in all
Things is part of it, too. See Her when you slice an
Apple across, sit under a tree, or watch a moonrise.
See Her when you perform simple tasks, such as
Sweeping, and recall the symbolism of brooms. A
Goddess view of cooking turns a pot into a cauldron of
Transformation, gardening into goddesshood, singing
Into sorcery.

Connecting with the moon is one of the essentials of
Witchcraft. In learning to keep time with Her cycles,
We can free ourselves from much of the structure of
Patriarchy. For women, the moon is especially
Connected to our blood, and so links us to all the
Mysteries of birth, life and death. The moon connects
Us with the trees and their stories and uses, as each
Of Her cycles is named for one of these living kinfolk
Of the earth. In a society based on solar concepts and
Imagery, Luna is especially helping in attuning us to
The dark side and the many qualities associated with
The deep self.

The Crone is the third and final aspect of the
Three-fold Goddess. She is the dark moon, the
Wintertime, old age and knower of mysteries. The Crone
Time brings the harvest of experience, when we reap
The accumulated benefits of all that we have learned.
The Crone is a teacher or wise one, sometimes called
The "wayshower" as she shines the light of wisdom for
All to see. She brings patience.

In myth and legend, the Crone is often seen with her
Great black cauldron stirring up brews for magical
Transformation or bringing the dead back to life.

She is the fairy godmother who has just what we need
To overcome the obstacles in our paths. She is the old
Woman of the woods, who lives alone in a humble
Cottage and can teach many secrets.

To admit the Crone is to admit the dark side of
Ourselves which is like the dark side of the
Moon----the Crone's moon.

The Crone's moon is hidden, and cannot be seen shining
In the heavens. It is significant that astronomers and
Astrologers call Her the New Moon, thereby effectively
Ignoring the presence of the Crone. Some witches feel
That we should return the word New Moon which would be
The first sliver of the moon in the sky to the Maiden
Goddess, which is Her proper place, and reinstate the
Old Moon (Dark Moon) as the Crone's. We can therefore
Count our moon cycles from the first appearance of the
Slender waxing crescent, that very first sliver, and
Acknowledge the darkening end as the time of the
Crone. To acknowledge this time is to allow for the
Natural cycles of our being as we move through the ups
And downs of living. This is a far healthier way of
Life where each of our phases is embraced and loved.

The association of loneliness with old age is a common
One. A wise crone understands the power that can be
Attained in solitude. She knows that all oneness is
The true meaning of being alone and is actually what
The word "alone" is made of. There is a point reached
In solitude when we no longer feel isolated because we
Have found our connection to all beings in the
Universe. Some witches, when the moon is waning, feels
The moon's power pulling them into solitude, beckoning
Them to working more within themselves. The Crone
Teaches us to withdraw from the world during the
Waning moon to find peace and sustenance for our
Return journey into the struggles of living. The
of the self is a period of withdrawal from the
Everyday world. It offers an opportunity to commune
With ourselves and tap the creative potential therein.
To return to this way of life necessitates leaving the
"rat race" approach and validating slowness,
Inwardness and being here and now.

Solitude is one of the doorways to the deep self. It
Is especially useful for the cultivation of our powers
Of concentration. Most witches, as we begin to grow in
our magical abilities, find that we seek solitude more
and more, as it enables us to focus intensely on the
objectives of our spells, rituals and doing more work
within ourselves without distractions.

The Crone understands the power of silence. Many
spiritual journeys include a period of silence, or
teach its discipline. Some adepts take permanent vows
of silence, for it opens up energies on the psychic
level. Silence is the last step of magic, necessary
during the gestation or formation period of our
spell's workings for preservation and protection.

It is essential that we practice silence in our
meditation and rituals, for it opens the door to
universal consciousness.

The Crone is the knower of mysteries, secrets of
existence, or hidden things. She presides in the dream
worlds, guiding us through the unconscious labyrinths
of our deep minds. She teaches us the symbolism of our
dreams and helps us to understand and shape them to
our choosing.

Lastly, Crones understand endings, and utilize the
waning moon for banishing, or spells to rid ourselves
of unwanted or stuck energy.

We can become Crones in our uses and understanding of
the five elements of creation:

Spirit Crones are conversant on the psychic planes,
easily traveling in and out of our bodies, telepathic,
clairvoyant, prophetic, divining whether it be Tarot
cards, crystal balls, Runes, etc., understanding the
cycle of birth, life and death and the rituals
thereof, skilled in casting circles for small covens
or large, spells, and the uses of dreams.

Air Crones have profundity of thought, quickness of
tongue, are adept in poetry, myth and language, the
composing of verbal spells, the eloquence of asking
aid from forces and elements. Air is to know. The Air
Crone is also a Cutting Crone, for our minds are like
cutting edges that sort and separate our thoughts.
Naming a thing separates it out from the rest of
creation. Cutting is also criticism, pruning, saying
no, discipline. When we reach the crossroads of our
lives, such as the time of passing from child to adult
or maiden to mother, we must cut the umbilical cord of
our habits on the old path in order to be free to
embark upon the new. The cutting Crone is sometimes
called Atropo, the third of the three Fates in

Fire Crones possess understanding of the secrets of
fire and energy. They know the ways of conserving,
storing and spending energy wisely, using vital forces
with care and discrimination, rather than scattering
them carelessly and wasting them. Fire is also
kundalini, which a wise crone knows how to channel and
direct for desired purposes. Fire is will, in which
the Crone has achieved mastery. And on its simplest
level, fire is our natural source of heat and light,
and can be used for magic in many ways. A seasoned
witch usually knows how to build and sustain fires, as
well as to contain them safely, and extinguish them
when necessary.

A Water Crone is no longer a slave to her emotions,
nor does she repress or deny them. Water is to dare.
She is adept in her relationships with others, knowing
enough detachment for an overview, and enough caring
for compassion. She knows that her desires are sacred
and worthy of cultivation and fulfillment. The Water
Crone looks deep into her reflection in underground
waters. When the water catches the light of the moon,
she is there to find insight and divination.

A Wise Earth Crone knows her body, knows the earth, is
adept in health care for herself and others who seek
her aid. She is familiar with the seasons and methods
of planting and cultivation, herbology, and
agriculture. And she is also wise in ways of money,
seeing its connection to human love and service and
precious human energy. She is sensible, practical and
dependable, keeps her promises and understands
commitment, knows how to work as well as play.

The idea of "balance" can be misleading for it often
implies the adjustment of two opposing entities. For
example, the yin/yang symbol of the Orient, the
sun/moon dichotomy of the alchemists, the anima/animus
theory or the Jungians, the god/goddess universe of
the Druids and the tetragrammaton of magicians, in all
these systems there is an "attempt" to honor and give
equality to both ends of the polarity but do not be
deceived. While pretending to create a world
supportive of the female, they are still perpetuating
the dichotomy, and thus the role stereotypes that
oppress us all. This, witches must realize, is the
fatal flaw of even more advanced movements such as
Neo-Paganism, modern witchcraft and the New Age
spiritualities. Liberation can only come by returning
to the Goddess.


Numerology - Repeated Numbers

According to Drunvalo the numbers have the following meaning and in these final times will repeatedly show up in our lives because of the processes many experience on the path. In addition to this interpretation, most of us have "personal numbers" which have meaning
ONLY TO US, that continually repeat. These are meant to help us awaken, and become aware of our Invisible Connections.

Three of more of the same number (digital clock 2:22, 11:11, etc.)
111: Energy flow * Enhancing whatever level you are presently in *

111 or 1111 Energy flow of water, money, sex, kundalini, magnetic
It happens when one of these energies manifests.

222 or 2222 In the middle of the process of resurrection or the
process of ascension

333 or 3333 A decision number. Either one of the following can

666 = material world or 999 = spiritual world.

444 or 4444 The Resurrection number.

555 or 5555 Christ consciousness

666 or 6666 Material world, chosen reality.

777: Symbolizes an integration of some portion of the four lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies within the third-dimensional plane, or at level in which you are manifesting your physical reality on the Earth plane

888: Symbolizes infinity * The unified spiral of the physical merging with the Spiritual * Moving toward the completion of the ascension process through the energies of the 222 and 444

999: Symbolizes the three levels of the tribune * completion

000: Great Void * Experiencing a null zone * switching or moving into a new energy field

11:11 Beginning of a whole new level or phase of
development * Another dimension or frequency of experience * A PORTAL - WAY - OPENING

*12:12 A COSMIC CONNECTION * A bridge to the future *Signifies a level of completion or graduation. Pay attention to clocks, license plates, perhaps what you were doing at the time you see that particular number...... .what were you thinking, etc.

I have found these to be very much a signal or sign after I have asked a question etc.

A little more about the #11 - could this be what we are all striving for?

Master numbers accentuate the meanings of the single digits, and for that reason they are considered to be the most powerful vibrations.
They symbolize the expansion of consciousness through a series of steps or illuminations as growth takes place, until the ultimate of Christ Consciousness is attained.

Pythagorus said, "Eleven is the number of a cycle of new beginnings."

When the forces of the Eleven become fully operative in people, they have the power to change their environments, to create new conditions, to build new bodies and new lives, all in harmony with the Divine Image in whose likeness they were fashioned in the beginning.

Eleven is the number of Light.

It represents the hidden "knower." We live now in these spirals of
awakening, where every philosophic thought should be considered,
balanced, and judged for its value. We should not be biased by past
beliefs or present appearances. We should have no favorite "isms" or
theories. Truth must be the primary objective as we enter realms
hitherto unknown or considered.

Through the power of seeing through appearances (visualization) , we
climb further on the "ladder of Light." We may use E.S.P.
(Extra-Sensory Perception) as a method of seeing into the subconscious
mind, but let us explore also our I.S.P. (Inner-Sensory Perception) as
a way to examine the Divine Spark within us, which reveals the
God-Power of the soul. Enlightened souls have unfolded a revelation of
the spiritual potential and will strive the more toward total oneness,
and eventually illumination.

We desire, more than anything in the world, to know ourselves.

When old knowledge no longer serves our growth, or when we cling to it
because we fear to leave it for the unknown, we are no longer growing.
If some new revelations seem strange, we must develop patience and
allow time for reflection. To attain perfection, we need to stay true
to the higher laws of the numbers under which we are working.

The number 11 stands for the self and the Christ-Self, as a
polarity within as One, though embodied in the flesh. A new birth has
occurred in our hearts as a "seed" of immortality; we envision a
brighter horizon. An inner voice calls us, as it called Abraham of old:
"Arise, get thee out of they country, into a land that I will
show you."
(Genesis 12:1)

This new land meant a new and higher state of consciousness. "By
faith, Abraham ... when he was called obeyed and went out." (Hebrews
11:8) A growing faith brings realizations of what is meant by
"...substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen."
(Hebrews 11:1)

When souls reach an 11 incarnation they are called "old souls." This
__expression is misleading. It does not refer to one old in years, or,
older in terms of many incarnations, but older in reference to more
growth in Light upon the Path. Such people are those who have glimpsed
into what the Great Work will engender as
they move toward the goal of Cosmic Consciousness. Jesus said, "Ye are
the Light of the World."

(Matthew 5:14)

Thus, we can derive that the Light Power within us demonstrates the
power of God in Nature." "God is Light and in Him there is no darkness
at all." (I John 1:5)

Individuals living under an 11 vibration must find the Light and share
it with all who come within their realm, as these dawning states of
consciousness work toward awareness of ever increasing order in

The above interpretation is by Drunvalo Melchizedek, whose primary
focus is on SACRED GEOMETRY and the MERKABA, and is considered to be
"an expert" in those fields especially.

We may always use "synchronised numbers" for our awakening,
regardless of their "inherent meaning". It isn't necessary to "know
the accepted meaning" of numbers in numerology to have a moment of

When these, and your personal numbers, show up, consider that a
message from your Higher Self, or your Guides or Angels. Take note of
your surroundings, and BE PRESENT. The present has only to be
unwrapped, and every day is Christ mass. ~Author Unknown~

Discovering your own abilities

Discovering your own abilities

We are all different and have different abilities. We usually have more than one area which is of interest or which comes easily to us. Its good to know what these are so we can foster our development in the most meaningful areas. The following questions are a rough guide as to where your natural talents lie.

Do you ever walk into a room and know what people were talking about before you came in?
Have you ever met someone and felt you had known them all your life - really known them?
Do you ever see a scene playing in your head which then happens in real life?
Do you ever have dreams about things which later occur in real life?
Do you ever have vague premonitions about things which later happen?
Have you ever felt that someone was looking over your shoulder, even though you were alone at the time?
Do you ever hear a booming or echoing voice iin your head, especially just as you are waking up?
Have you sometimes felt things were going to be all right, even when at the time they seemed to be all wrong?
Have you ever picked up someone's thoughts as clearly as if they had spoken them?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Do you find yourself thinking about people just before they visit, phone or write to you?
Do you ever see colours (the aura) around people?
Have you ever been able to find something that was lost simply by thinking about where it was?
Have you ever been to a strange place and felt you had been there before?
Do you ever feel there are certain details you know about a period in history that you couldn't have learnt from books?
Do you ever get messages for people that you feel are really important to tell them?
Have you ever felt that someone you knew who has died is talking to you or wanting to talk to you?
Have you had any out-of-body experiences?
Have you experienced any strange coincidences that really made you think?
Do you ever 'see' words in your mind which you don’t always understand?
Have you ever sensed strange feelings coming from a photograph?
Do you ever just know the answer to something, without knowing how you know?
Do you ever have a strong urge to do something without knowing why?
Do you sometimes know what people are going to say before they say it?
Have you ever seen someone's face subtly change to that of someone else, even a historical figure?

Yes to 3,4,10,12 & 20 or a majority of these, then you are a true clairvoyant, a 'seer'. Your channel of communication is the visual one and you will often feel you are playing a scene again because you have seen it all before

If you relate most to questions 7,9,16 & 17 you are clairaudient. You will be able to channel messages from your guides and helpers both for yourself and others. Clairaudience seems to be less common than some of the other abilities. Look after it. It can be developed much further by giving yourself time to listen. It can also be switched off very easily if your mind is too busy with other things

Yes to 1,2,6,8,21 or 23 then you are a feeling type. You work with your intuition and know what to do instinctively. If you follow your intuition you will generally keep out of trouble. Problems arise if you do not heed what your intuition is telling you. It's often the hardest one to trust. Don’t talk yourself out of it!

If you related most to 5,11,13,19,22 & 24 you have the 'knowing'. You don’t know how you know, you just do. Trust the messages you are getting. Often people who know start intellectualising too much and question it. Just accept that somebody is trying to tell you something and don’t let anyone else talk you out of it.

This leaves 14,15,18 & 25. All except 18 relate to past lifetimes. It's thought that those who have had many lifetimes ('old souls') will remember significant amounts of their previous ones and that flashbacks from these lifetimes will occur from time to time. Its like any other memory of the past where something happens to stimulate the flashback and its nothing to be alarmed about. On the contrary, it shows that you have brought some powerful memories with you. Maybe that knowledge can help you and others in this lifetime.

Question 18 refers to astral travel, something enjoyed by a number of people but not significant in itself. It probably shows that you are waking up and are ready to take the next step in your spiritual development, because you are able to break out of the confines of time and space to go and explore. For that reason it is a useful aid to learning.

*Source unknown*


Land os Origin: France
Other Names: They are called Dracae in England, where they are less well-known.
Element: Water
Appearance and Temperament: In their natural state Dracs appear as great floating purple blobs in the surface of the water. But more often they are seen in the form of a golden chalice or in a female humanoid form. They are dangerous to approach.
Time most active: All year
Where to Find them: In the waters of France. In faeryland search for them by the Western sea.
How to Contact: If you really want to meet one, try making a call to one while in Faeryland at the western sea or other body of water. It is best not to go close enough for one to touch you.
Land of Origin: England
Element: Fire.
Appearance and Temperament: Drakes have never been seen by humans eyes, but they have been smelled. They are benevolent house spirits who bless your hearth and multiply and keep your firewood dry in exchange for living in your home.
Time most active: From nightfall until just past dawn.
Where to find them: In wood piles at hearthstones and in deep woods with very old trees. They prefer rural areas.
How to contact: Invite them to your hearth and they will probably come. Leave food and provide warmth and respect to keep them. If you don't have a fireplace in your home, then provide one for yourself and them in your astral home.
Land of Origin: World Wide
Element: Usually Earth.
Appearance and Temperament: Elves dress differently depending on what land they come from, but are all small and chubby. Mostly they are kind and beneficial to humans; a very few types are actually dangerous. As a general rule, trooping Elves are good and solitary Eves and bad.
Time most active: Usually at night.
Lore:The following nursery rhyme tells of a group of spinning mice/elves and the cat who tries to trick them into becoming her supper:
Six little mice sat down to spin
Pussy passed by, and she peeped in
"what are you doing my little men?"
"Weaving coats for gentlemen."
"Shall I come in and cut off your threads?"
"oh no Mistress Pussy, you'd bit off our heads!"
"Of course I shall not, But I'll help you spin."
"That you say, but you can't come in."
Where to find them: In fields, homes, woodlands, and all over Faeryland.
How to Contact: Invite them to your circle or home leave food and milk out for them, and lock up the cat!
Land of Origin: Switzerland
Other Names: Duck-foots is a slang term for them. The males are called Hardmandlene, and the females are called Erdbiberli.
Element: Earth
Aine - She is the Bright Faerie goddess, sister to Fennine, daughter to Egogaba a king of the Tuatha de Danann. A Goddess of the Moon, she is also associated with meadowseet, swans, horses and fire. Probably another form of Brigit, the Bright One.

Arkan Sonney - The fairy pigs of the Isle of Man, also known as "Lucky Piggy." Fairy pigs are supposed to bring good luck if one is to capture it.

The Asrai - small, delicate female faeries who melt into a pool of water when captured or exposed to sunlight

Aughisky - pronounced "Agh-iski"; They are the Irish version of the Each-Uisge.

Awd Goggie - A type of Bogie who haunts forests and orchards, and kidnaps children. Wise children will stay away from orchards when unsupervised lest Awd Goggie get them.

Banshee - actually should be spelled Bean Sidhe. The Scots call her Bean-Nighe. She's an Irish death spirit. Their keening for-tells a death. They have very long, flowing hair and wear green dresses with grey cloaks. Their eyes are bright red because of their continuous weeping.

Barguest - A kind of Bogie. It has horns, dangerous teeth and claws, and fiery eyes. It can take many forms, but usually is a shaggy black dog. Upon the death of a prominent figure, it rounds up all the dogs in the community and leads them on a procession through the streets, howling.

Bauchan - also Bogan. A type of Hobgoblin. Like most faeries, they are fond of tricks, sometimes are dangerous, and sometimes are helpful.

The Bean-Nighe - pronounced "ben-neeyah" ; type of Banshee around streams in Scotland and Ireland. She washed bloodstained clothing of people who will soon die. They are rumored to be the ghosts of women who died in childbirth and will continue to wash until the day they should have died. The Washer at the Ford.

Bean sidhe (ban-shee): Ireland. "Woman Faery"; a spirit attached to certain families. When a member's death approaches, the family will hear the bean sidhe wailing.

Bendith y Mamau (ben-dith uh momay): Mother's Blessing, which was the name of the fairies of the Carmarthenshire country in Wales; this saying became a prayer spoken to ward-off harm.

Black Annis - She is a Hag who eats stray children and lambs.

Blue Men of the Minch - They dwell in the strait between Long Island and the Shiant Islands. They are responsible for sudden thunderstorms and shipwrecks, but their ship-sinking attempts may be thwarted if you are an adept rhymer. Some think they may be fallen angels.

Bodach - also Bugbear or Bug-A-Boo. They slide down chimneys to kidnap naughty children.

Boggart - Brownies that have turned evil.

Bogie - This is the generic name for some different types of Goblins. Their temperaments range the spectrum from benign to malevolent.

Bogles - They are a form of Goblin and are generally nasty in temperament. However, they prefer to inflict their evil deeds upon liars and murderers.

The Brown Man of the Muirs - He is the protector of wild animals.

Brownie:A.Bwca or Bwbachod in Wales; Bodach (budagh) in the Scottish Highlands; Fenodoree in Man; Pixies or Psgies in the West County of England; Bockle in Scotland. If one wants to court their friendship, they are called Bendith Y Mamau (the Mother's Blessing). They are about two to three feet high and dress in brown clothes. They have brown wrinkled faces and shaggy hair. Brownies make themselves responsible for for the house where they live by coming out at night to complete unfinished work. Any offer of reward will drive them away, but they expect an occasional bowl of milk and piece of cake to be left out. Tradition says they do not like teetotallers and ministers. If offended, brownies will create malicious mischief. If there is a lazy servant in the home, he might choose to plague him for it. All Brownies expect in return is a bowl of cream or good milk and a honey cake. Never leave clothes and never leave too much food. They find this offensive and will leave. Care should be taken not to criticize their work. When one farmer criticized the mowing job, the Brownie responsible threw the entire crop over a cliff. In the West County, Pixies or Pixies occasionally perform the office of a brownie and show some of the same characteristics, though they are essentially different. Border brownies are most characteristic. They are small men, about three feet in height, very raggedly dressed in brown clothes, with brown faces and shaggy heads. They make themselves responsible for the farm or house in which they live: reap, mow, thresh, herd the sheep, prevent the hens from laying away, and give Good counsel at need. A brownie can become personally attached to one member of the family.

The Bwca - They are the Welsh version of the Brownie (see above). They have slightly nastier tempers and are prone to tantrums if their work is criticized. They also despise tattletales and people with long noses.

Cailleach Bheur: Scotland. The Blue Hag, a cross between the Underworld goddess and a faery spirit. She has fangs and sometimes three faces, making her a triple being or deity.


Healing With Crystals

Many crystals have healing properties that you can discover. Crystals vibrate to at different frequencies to enhance healing.

Quartz crystals have excellent healing properties. Quartz also has the ability to transform an imbalanced energy field. When you feel stressed the crystal can balance your energies and revitalize you.

Others minerals besides quartz crystals - display healing properties. Small quartz crystals left in water will ionize the water and is a good drink for healing.

You can use crystals yourself to heal or find a qualified healer. Most crystal healing is guided to the healer by Spirit - who will tell the healer which crystals will be most effective and the patterns the crystals should be placed on or around the person's body. The length of time used with the crystals will vary with each patient and healer. The healer must determine the person's frequency and attune it to the crystals that will create healing and balance. All healing is about placing the body in balance.

Treatments will vary in length and number of times required. They may not always work.

Owning a crystal that you carry with you - or keep in the area you spend most of your time - can enhance the healing after you work with the healer.

It's always good to have a few quartz crystals around your home to balance the energies, even if you do not need healing.


Many people connect the color frequency of a specific chakra with that of the stone being used. For example - if one were healing the throat chakra - one would use one or more blue stones placed on the throat chakra alone - or in patterns.

Amber: This "good luck" stone brings the purifying, revitalizing force of the sun and the absorptive, transmuting energy of the earth together to create a powerful tool. Draws disease out of the body and transforms it. Clears negativity. 2nd chakra.

Amethyst: Spiritual Upliftment.

Aquamarine: Remind one of the Ocean of Love and Mercy. Stone of the new heart chakra center.

Aventurine: Helps heal the Heart, lungs, and adrenals. 4th chakra

Amethyst: Inner alignment. Helps heal arthritis, hearing, and bones. 6th chakra.

Azurite: Helps - Surfaces psychic blocks that form physical blocks-- Helps to let go of old belief systems - Helps heal throat, arthiritis & joints, spleen, and spine. 5th and 6th chakras.

Bloodstones: Helps heal all blood disorders, lungs, eyesight, and heart. 1st chakra.

Carnelian: Balance creativity and mental processes. Helps asthma, and blood pressure. 2nd chakra.

Citrine: Upliftment - Helps digestion, circulation. 2nd, and 3rd chakra's

Coral: Emotional balance

Diamond: Increase personal clarity. Balances metabolism, de-toxifies the body, and strengthens the eyesight. Vivifies all chakras

Emerald: Physical and emotional healing - tranquilizing affect on the heart and mind, inspiring calm, clear assurance. 4th chakra and higher.

Hematite: Helps heal, tumors and anemia. 6th, 7th chakras

Herkimer diamond: My personal favorite: Chakra cleanser. Protects against radiation. De-toxes the body.

Jade: Strengthens the heart , kidneys and immune system. Helps cleanse the blood. Increases longevity and fertility. Aids in eye disorders and female problems.

Jaspar: Helps tissue regeneration and smell. 1st, 2nd chakras

Kunzite: Heals the heart. 4th chakra and up

Lapis Lazuli: Strengthens the immune system. 6th chakra.

Malachite: Harmony and balance

Moldavite: Take you out of your body--very power for astral travel

Moonstone: Absorbs pain and illness. Regenerates the tissues and organs. Heals reproductive system. 4th chakra.

Black Obsidian: Grounding stone.

Onyx: Helpful in treating glaucoma, epilepsy, and cell damage. Attuned to 1st and 5th chakra's.

Opal: See possibilities; Discover a broader view. Heals and clears eyesight, and balances the metabolism. 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras.

Peridot: Strengthens, and regenerates all organs, stimulating new, healthy growth. Balances bio-rythmic cycles. Protects the user from negativity. Helps heal infection, ulcers, and thyroid. 4th chakra.

Quartz: Removes negative energy - Universal conduit. Amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms, energies.

Rose Quartz: Heart chakra

Rhodonite: Emotional support. Helps one take the next step emotionally

Ruby: Helps heal the heart and all blood impurities. De-toxes the body. 4th chakra.

Sapphire: Mental Clarity; Clear mental garbage. Carrier of the Blue ray.

Sodalite: Protection from external negative energy.

Tourquoise: Aligns all chakras, Strengthens and calms the mind and body. 5th chakra.

Tiger's Eye: Helps heal wounds, bruises, eyes and throat. 5th chakra.

Topaz: Helps to break up stagnation of energy within the body, and assists with the elimination of toxins. 3rd chakra and higher.


Ancient Civilizations often used crystals for healing, magic, spiritual and energy work. They understood how the energies of crystals amplify the healing process.

Atlanteans allegedly erected huge crystal healing temples. Their civilization was based on the use of stored - and directed use of crystal technology.

The ancient Mayans, Hebrew, Vedic and Native American cultures used crystals and gemstones both in spiritual rituals and as aids to physical healing. Those who practice the ways of the ancient cultures continue to use crystals as healing tools.

Crystals were used in the earliest shamanic rites as tools for initiation and healing, as talisman, and meditation.

Celtic Tree Month

According to ancient Celtic lore, there is a magical tree associated with each month of the year. Find out which one is your helper and learn valuable information about your personality from the wisdom of the trees–including the planet and gemstone associated with your Celtic tree horoscope.

December 24 - January 20: BIRCH
Planet: The Sun
Gemstone: Rock Crystal
Birch people tend to be hard-working and ambitious, with strong leadership qualities. You are generally loyal and faithful, although you may tend to hide your feelings.

January 21 - February 17: ROWAN
Planet: Uranus
Gemstone: Peridot
Rowans tend to be idealistic and original, a free-thinker filled with the fire of idealism. You are probably unconventional, artistic, and ahead of your time, imaginative and humanitarian in your outlook.

February 18 - March 17: ASH
Planet: Neptune
Gemstone: Coral
Ash people are good communicators, witty and spontaneous, and generally curious about life.

March 18-April 14: ALDER
Planet: Mars
Gemstone: Ruby
Alders are filled with courage and affection, loyalty and determination. Your energy is considerable, you enjoy physicality, and love to play.

April 15 - May 12:WILLOW
Planet: The Moon
Gemstone: Moonstone
Willows tend to be in touch with their emotions, intuitive, and adaptable. Underneath the appearance of hesitance, willows possess great flexibility and inner strength, along with a strong will.

May 13 - June 9: HAWTHORN
Planet: Vulcan
Gemstone: Topaz
Hawthorns are spontaneous and sometimes impatient, possessing great confidence, creativity, and charm.

June 10 - July 7: OAK
Planet: Jupiter
Gemstone: Diamond
Oaks tend to be self-confident and responsible, optimistic and proud, with ample charisma and a strong philosophical streak.

July 8 - August 4: HOLLY
Planet: Earth
Gemstone: Red Carnelian
Holly people are cautious and practical, reasonable and filled with personal integrity, sensitive and protective.

August 5 - September 1: HAZEL
Planet: Mercury
Gemstone: Amethyst
Hazels are very perceptive, idealistic, and artistic. Wisdom and creativity are especially important to hazel people.

September 2 - September 29: VINE
Planet: Venus
Gemstone: Emerald
Vine folks are very sensitive and self-critical, gentle and romantic. You can be quite authoritative, and harmony is of great importance to you.

September 30 - October 27: IVY
Planet: The Moon
Gemstone: Opal
Ivy people are social and loyal to their friends, kindly but sometimes restless, and, although appearing hesitant, actually very strong.

October 28 - November 24: REED
Planet: Pluto
Gemstone: Jasper
Reeds tend to be fearless and stubborn, uncompromising and independent, imaginative, loyal, and sometimes jealous.

November 25 - December 23: ELDER
Planet: Saturn
Gemstone: Jet
Elders are energetic, self-disciplined, although disliking routine, open, spontaneous, and self-sufficient.

color and your personality

Whether we’re a vibrant Orange, or a peaceful Blue, our color preferences are a key to understanding our personalities. Find out what this color expert has to say about your favorite color. What does it reveal about who you really are?

White: Symbolic of purity, innocence and naivete, white has strong connotations of youth and purity. If you are an older person, your preference for white could indicate a desire for perfection and impossible ideals, maybe an attempt to recapture lost youth and freshness. It may also symbolize a desire for simplicity or the simple life.

Red: The color of strength, health, and vitality, Red is often the color chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive—or someone who would like to be! It goes with an ambitious nature but those who choose it can be abrupt at times, determined to get all they can out of life, quick to judge people and take sides. Red people are usually optimistic and can’t stand monotony; they are rather restless and not at all introspective, so they may be unaware of their own shortcomings. They find it hard to be objective and may blame others for any mishaps. Quiet people with a preference for red may feel the need for the warmth, strength and life-giving qualities of the color, or they blanket their true feelings under a sober exterior. Red is usually chosen by people with open and uncomplicated natures, with a zest for life.

Maroon: Harsh experience has probably matured the Maroon person into someone likeable and generous. It is often a favorite color of someone who has been battered by life but has come through. It indicates a well-disciplined Red personality—one who has had difficult experiences and has not come through unmarked but who has grown and matured in the process.

Pink: This color embodies the gentler qualities of Red, symbolizing love and affection without passion. Women who prefer Pink tend to be maternal. Pink desires protection, special treatment and a sheltered life. Pink people require affection and like to feel loved and secure, perhaps wanting to appear delicate and fragile. Pink people tend to be charming and gentle, if a trifle indefinite.

Orange: This color of luxury and pleasure appeals to the flamboyant and fun-loving person who likes a lively social round. Orange people may be inclined to dramatize a bit, and people notice them, but they are generally good-natured and popular. They can be a little fickle and vacillating, but on the whole they try hard to be agreeable. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.

Yellow: The color of happiness, wisdom and imagination, Yellow is chosen by the mentally adventurous, searching for novelty and self-fulfillment. Yellow usually goes with a sunny and shrewd personality, with a good business head and a strong sense of humor. It is the color of intellectuality and all things to do with the mind. Yellow folks are usually clear and precise thinkers who have a good opinion of their own mental capacities and who have lofty ideals. They may at times tend to shun responsibility, preferring freedom of thought and action.

Green: The color of harmony and balance, Green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace, and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere. Greens are generally frank, community-minded people, fairly sociable but preferring peace at any price. Green people can be too self-effacing, modest and patient, so they may get exploited by others. They are usually refined, civilized and reputable.

Blue: Soft, soothing, compassionate and caring, Blue is the color of deliberation and introspection, conservatism and duty. Patient, persevering, conscientious, sensitive and self-controlled, Blues like to be admired for their steady character and wisdom. They are faithful, but are often worriers with somewhat inflexible beliefs and can be too cautious, and suspicious of flamboyant behavior.

Blue-Green: Exacting, discriminating, poised and attractive, the Blue-Green person tends to be sensitive, intellectual and refined, persevering and stable if rather detached. Blue-Greens have excellent taste, and are usually courteous and charming, capable but often refusing help or guidance.

Turquoise: Complex, imaginative and original, Turquoise people drive themselves hard and may be in a state of turmoil under their outwardly cool exterior.

Lavender: This is often chosen by a person who lives “on a higher plane,” who never notices anything sordid and who is always impeccably and beautifully dressed. Lavender people may be on a continual quest for culture and the refined things of life, high and noble causes but without the necessity of getting their hands dirty. A Lavender person is usually creative, charming, witty and civilized.

Purple: Purples are highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive, with a strong desire to be unique and different. Temperamental, expansive and artistic, a Purple person may become aloof and sarcastic when misunderstood. If you chose Purple, you tend to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified, likely to achieve positions of authority.

Brown: A Brown person has stamina and patience, tending to be very solid and substantial, conscientious, dependable, steady and conservative. Browns are not impulsive, and may be inarticulate and tactless but they love responsibility and are reliable and kindly. If you chose Brown, watch out for a tendency to be obstinate and inflexible.

Gray: The color of caution and compromise, diligent Grays search for composure and peace and often work hard without reward. Older Grays like life to run on an even keel with few ups and downs. Young Grays may be withdrawing from life and suppressing their personalities. Grays often have good business ability and tend to work too much.

Black: Dignified and impressive without being showy, Black people want to give the appearance of mystery, but their preference may also indicate a suppression of desires and worldly aims, suggesting hidden depths and inner

Inanna (the goddess I attune with

Goddess of the dark moon, brave and unwavering, Inanna ventures into the underworld. She teaches us to stand firm, eyes focuses on the end true goal, ultimately leading us to a state of wisdom.
  • Renewal
  • Amethyst, hermatite, tiger eye, agate, sodalite
  • Goddess-ence Nuit* blend for the solar plexus chakra, the home of Self-ownership and empowerment
  • Negative influences have made me stronger
  • My new life path reveals itself to me
  • I say goodbye to destructive influences
  • I release my insecurity
  • I release myself from harmful judgment
  • In releasing the negative I welcome the positive

Her Story

Inanna is the Sumerian goddess, honoured at the dark moon, as it is she who fixes destinies at each new moon. Inanna's journey into the underworld and subsequent revitalisation represents the soul's evolution through hardship into glorious renewal.

In her quest for clarity and knowledge, Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth descended to Earth to rule her people, where (so that her people would not know hunger) she made a sacred marriage to ensure the fertility of the lands. She thirsted to understand first-hand though, the true sufferings of her followers, so she descended again, this time to the realm of the underworld, the domain of her sister Ereshkigal.

Ereshkigal only allowed Inanna entry on the condition that she shed her earthly attachments at each of seven gates to the underworld. So, at each gate, Inanna surrendered some part of what she thought made up herself: wealth, power, tributes. By the time she relinquished her final garment, she was no longer the commanding Queen, and, exposed and vulnerable, she was ready to die.

However, it was only when she was near death and at her most vulnerable did she discover new life and increased powers. She finally learned first-hand to accept her vulnerability, as well as the understanding of the necessity of sacrifice and death for the cycles of life to continue. These revelations increased her power, beauty and wisdom.

Her Modern Energy

If you are repeating old habits, ask Inanna to help you shed your layers that keep you trapped. Open yourself to a journey to the underworld where you can let go of old conditioning, release inhibitions, let alter-egos die, shed the burdens you carry... all to create anew - it is only by becoming aware of our vulnerabilities that we can rise up with strength gained from knowledge and understanding.

Reconnect With Your Inner Inanna

Undress slowly in front of a mirror and with every bit of clothing you shed, call it by the name of a negative element in your life. Say good-bye to that negative element as you drop (or throw!) the clothing to the floor until you are standing naked.

Do it to music that will help keep you in the "now" - do not let yourself get distracted as you focus on what the elements are that you are shedding. Can you see your next steps, where you need to go, what you need to do? Give yourself a hug, and get ready for the journey back to strength and renewal - Inanna is with you to help you stay focussed and unwavering on your goal.

(Tip, do not get dressed again in the clothes you just shed - put them in the washing machine on "super wash"! And, try not to wear them again in the same combination).

For your wellbeing, and if you are so guided, share this process with a friend for support. Shedding old energies can be a very intense process