Thursday, July 5, 2012

A writers journey with her first book

If you haven't heard I wrote a book. It went into circulation on may 18th. The title is "A Spiders Web" It can be found at amazon, barns and noble and xilibris where I created it.  Not so sure I would recomment that site to others. They are fast at first but the deeper you get into the process the slower they are. I still have unresolved issues and faulty links. If you make a mistake it costs you $25 a word to change. And Apparantly I made lots. sentence structure and grammer. Okay so it was my first and a learning experience. The link is
I thought I would share any posts about people oppinions here so others could follow a just starting out writers journey.

My first was from May 31, 2012 from Carol Glushwyn

She wrote
It kept my interest I didn't want to put it down, wanted to keep reading to see what happened next. Wow! What a story. It has twists, turns,surprises, deceptions, romance, sex, murder, terror, and a surprise ending. I love the names Tommy Two-Trees, Decoda, Summer and Katie (a cute name that fits her) At first shy- but eventually strong. I liked the Ice Cream part and description of both the grandfathers farm and especially the lodge. So many surprises. So hard to put down but had to to do chores. Also to even put Sarah the waitress in the book. Everyone described so well. I felt I knew them immediately and they were real people. The land around the farm, even the barn. You added wild Summer. Suspense. Not knowing what happen next plus the fear Katie lived with through the whole book. You felt like you lived it with her. Then the amazing twist at the end of the book how Katie had changed. And all the money Tommy/Tyler had. It was wonder and  amazing ideas and even the dead relatives which I know passed on, ancesters guide the living w/american Indians. You brought a lot of thought into the book. I was never bored. It was not too long or too short, got to the point. Not a lot of empty pages to make the book longer. I really enjoyed reading it, thank you.

The next was from Ali Bresnahan dated July 3rd, 2012

OK, Stormy, thanks for sending me the link to "A Spider's Web." I was able to download the kindle and have started reading your story. The story sounds very interesting, as do the characters.

I haven't gotten very far, and I need to say something before i go any further...and I must be honest with you. From the very beginning of the book there are a number of errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, verb tense, and inconsistent capitalization of words. Sound like a lot of mistakes? Yep. As I am a pretty good proof reader, it is difficult for me to continue reading without making constant corrections in my mind, which is too distracting and spoils the story for me.

I'm not sure if you have an editor, but you really need someone to proofread the copy before you can consider it suitable. I'm sorry if this makes you feel bad, but honesty is truly the best policy, and I'd love for your book to be successful.

If there is any way I can help you, please let me know.

Aloha, ali

The next was from Ginger Skaggs
She writes
My friend was looking for a new book to download on her kindle. I suggested she look at your book. She did. I read the intro with her and it sounds fantastic. It has been 6 hours and she hasn't put her kindle down. I can hardly wait to read it after her!


ginger skaggs
I finished reading your book. It does have many twists and turns in it. I never expected Katie to kill Decoda. A good read for a first book. Keep it up.
My only suggestion is to find a better proofreader. Some of the grammer and syntax took away from the plot. Still a good first book. You have accomplished something which some people never will.
I will be waiting for your next read.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Everyone hates diets. The best one is not to need one. Well lately I have come to the sad discovery that I am fat. So I buckled down and an already starting to loose weight. I eat what I want, just in the right combinations. Here are some helpful hints for other just starting a new diet.

Diet essentials

Knowing your body:

This is how it was explained to me. Think of your body as a factory worker who is under paid and over worked. Now add a boss who yells when you do not meet your quota. So you are working as fast as you can, and the boss fires three of you friends. Everyone is expected to pick up the slack. But you are already over worked. Your shift is 8 hours and in that time you have to be done or you are fired. What do you do? When the boss isn't looking you put a few behind the couch in the lounge, next time you hide a little under the chair, or behind the assembly line. Well that is your body does with food it can't process fast enough it hides it as fat.

Things to help when you pick what you eat

Presentation- colorful, interesting design, creative use of ingredients.

Use lower calorie subs not diet alternatives – most of them have chemicals designed to make you crave them or sugar so you continue to buy their product.

Stay away from GMO

Choose a diet you can stick with. - Choosing a diet can be as simple as deciding which group you could give up easier. ….. Meat lovers should one with lots of protein, carb lovers choose one with mostly carbs, sugar lovers choose one by calories. If you can't give up anything then choose a diet that combines foods so they assimilate in your body easier so your body doesn't have to hide the calories on your body.

Easy diet fixes:

Sugar - substitute honey or granulated honey, molasses, cinnamon, almond extract.

Sour cream – Low far cottage blended makes a product that if served in a sour cream container will never raise an eye brow. Tastes and smells exactly like sour cream.

Salad dressings – herbs, lemon juice, vinegar and herbs with a touch of honey makes a good Italian dressing. My favorites are instead of any dressing use left over already made tuna salad or cottage cheese. Just put a plop on top and eat as usual.

Remember head lettuce is empty calories and little nutritional value. Choose spinach or leafy greens instead

Oatmeal sweeteners or lack there of – Oatmeal is a great one to experiment with. I use either almond extract (if you want very sweet) or vanilla if a little sweetness is desired.

Also add nuts or seeds for crunch. Good ones are: sunflower seeds add great crunch, sesame seeds make it taste nutty , Poppy seeds with lemon flavoring is like eating a lemon poppy seed muffin.

If you stray: smile and resume the next meal. Your body will love you for two reasons.
  1. You confuse it so it doesn't feel cheated and it will just process it as usual.
  2. You feeling guilty will cause you more strife and maybe your diet as well.
    So indulge when you really want something. Enjoy the moment. Your diet will wait for you. Just don't be crazy about it

Happy dieting!