Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gossip Stopper Spell from Ravengrove Coven

Gossip Stopper

You’ll need a small fire, outside if possible. A super way to have a small fire outdoors is a small chimney. If not a hot cauldron or incense burner will do just fine.

You’ll need about one half cup Cloves. Using your mortar and pestle crush up the Cloves and place them in a small dish.

Take one half cup Elm leaves and chop them up or use one teaspoon Slippery Elm (herb). Place it in a second dish.

Now you will also need;

13, black pepper corns placed in a 3rd dish.

1, 3 inch by 3 inch square cut black cloth.

13, inches of white ribbon.

One, Black Candle

Place everything in front of you and light a black candle.

Toss a fist full of ground Cloves into the fire or cauldron.

As the smoke start to rise into the air begin this chant;

Let the one’s who gossip find,

In their words I do bind.
Nothing spoke shall be heard,

no scene is made by their words.

All the pain that they do send,

returns upon them in the wind.

Repeat the chant as you place all the remaining herbs into the center of the cloth and fold the cloth in onto its self and rap the ribbon tightly around the cloth and tie a tight knot.

If possible light the tied cloth by the black candle and toss into the flame of the fire.

If this is not possible drop 13 drops of the black candle wax onto the knot of the bag and bury it outside under a dark moon.

You may find you are surprised how quickly all the gossip stops.

Author Lady Abigail

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