Saturday, October 26, 2013

Today I am working on blurbs for my new books

The “A Spider's Web” Series of three books.

This is part of a three part mini series that has a spin off of another series of eight books.

~A Spider”s Web~

In a rural town, a teenager's life suddenly becomes exciting when she finds a man to fulfill all her dream of marriage. But soon she finds she not only has no idea of who the man really is but also what he is capable of when a friend suddenly goes missing. Now living in a unknown state, pregnant without friends, Katie must unlock the mysteries that really tie them together before she or anyone else dies.

~In the land of Paradise~ (A Spider”s Web 2)

The family moves to an island paradise. A few years have passed, Tommy and Katie discover their son, Scout, is no ordinary child. But has Scout acquired his great grandfathers abilities? As his talents grow, not all the dead are quiet. One such spirit tries to regain a lost love thus bringing both Tommy and Scout to the rescue. Scout soon finds that rewriting the past has consequences. Discover what each feel are acceptable losses and who is willing to pay the price?

NOTE: "The Dark Secret of Raptor's Roost" is about the land that Katie's family owns.

~Sibling Rivalry ~ (Spiders web 3)

Two adult's find themselves in uncharted territory, each with memories that were never actually lived. In the man's heart - the love of family is everything. In the young woman's heart - a darkness awaits. Life is anything but usual as these two siblings reacquaint themselves to each other. Both having gifts the other is unaware of, they soon find that their childish pranks are actually effecting the world around them. Each must decide what is truly important as the world spins into chaos.

NOTE: “Evolution” is about the worlds experiences to the siblings pranks.


~The Dark Secret of Raptor's Roost ~

As we live on and love a piece of land it keeps the residual of that event. Over time one plot of land held so much it grew an awareness. As this awareness grew it became something else. It called it's self Dis-pare! Walk into the lives of all who walked her boundaries and discover Katie's secret heritage.

NOTE: Understand the family Katie left behind.

~Evolution ~

Spring turns to summer, which makes it's way to fall. Fall turns to winter as the dark and quietness sets in. Winter is suppose to make way for spring once more but we find more and more the darkness creeps into our daily lives as the powers of the world battle for what appears to be our own extinction. The government's unleash unknown terrors upon their civilians until one disaster after another starts a spiral that no one can stop.

NOTE: As Scout and his sister Echo bestow onto the other their sibling pranks the aftermath is unleashed onto the world we live in. With each prank in “The Dark Secret of Raptor's Roost” comes the effects it unleashes onto the world at large in this story of our evolution as a species.

~ There are SIX MORE BOOKS IN THIS SERIES. Each deal with the survivors and our future.~

These are the two covers I have done

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