Sunday, May 20, 2012

family ties

"Family", Wikipedia says is (from Latin: familiare) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity, or co-residence. To some it is genetics, blood ties, generation after generation of relatives. To me that is the meaning of a relative. Family can be that but also much more.

As the years roll by we accumulate friends, get married, divorced, adopt, have kids, loose family members, find pets. These people come and go in our lives. But there are a select few that for what ever reason, we keep in our hearts. This is the true meaning of family. Those we hold within our hearts. Those who teach us who we are. For me there are few, the elite of my surroundings. Not all are genetic family and not all are living. Family is a group of people from which we learn as well as teach.

My parents are gone but never forgotten. They are my roots. My mother, a woman ahead of her time, yet also timelessly stuck in the past. So smart, knowing things that few dream of knowing. She taught me of the universe, souls, spirits, and entities. She gave me my love of fire. My father, worked in a car factory he taught me, we ourselves are the only ones we can count on. That life is meaningless if we are not passionate about something. Anything. Together they taught me that life is a gift, but a temporary one. Everything changes.

My Sister (One of three) the oldest in our family. She is my rock, my sounding board. As a child, she was the one who cared for me most. As the years went by she allowed me to take steps, fall, and pick myself up. But she was always there in case I needed help. She still is there even though we are now wives, mothers, and aging fast.

My youngest Daughter, The connection to her is so strong. She is my inspiration. She wills things and they are done. "No", isn't amongst her vocabulary! She has no concept of things being beyond her grasp. She pushes through odds that would topple God himself and shovels right on as though it was just a momentary bad day.

My husband. An Activist in the war of life and it's survival. The soul mate of which dreams are made of. He is the incarnation of all my past prayers of a perfect man. And the connection is a blending of souls into one united force. Our lives before we met were not easy. Since we met they have been just as hard. The difference lies within our souls. The uniting force of love to overcome anything while also sending into the world a message of hope to others.

My companion, Raptor. She is at present about my age, a little sensitive, but a true friend. She is a Siberian Husky. But her species aside, she is an extension of myself. We share everything, talks, moods, quiet times of reflection, and loving caresses. We feel each others pain, there is no need to call the others name.... we know. She is beside me, never leaving my side if I hurt. I will do the same should that need arise. She teaches me unyielding devotion, love and patience. She is in, my books, the incarnation of Christ consciousness

From there my family extends outward to others, although not all family within the traditional context, they reside within my heart. Two cousins, a group of three furry grand kids, Cody-lu. Demon and and now little Bella, and three friends from my past Martha, Mae and Petra. They taught me the meaning of friendship and allowing others into that unit with out jealousy. We were "The Sex in the City" equivalent. They still reside within my heart although many miles forced us apart. And two from my circle, Robin and Linda. I am also apart from them as the miles have pushed me in another direction. They were my coming of age within my own creative abilities, as I came out of what Pagans call the "broom closet". It is when you admit to your beliefs and stand proud. Allowing others to see you for who you really are. And two ex's as they are battling cancer. They are all residing within my heart and therefor my family.

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