Saturday, August 16, 2014

Update: Things I have learned through my loss of my companion Raptor

It is with great sadness that I write the following. My Raptor died a few days ago. WE had to put her down because of renal failure due to acute diabetes. My vet wasn't very clear in what that meant until after her death. My heart goes out to anyone with animals because what I found during her last few months.

1st: if your animal shows signs of diabetes like frequent urination or urination while sleeping accompanied with extreme thirst or an increase in water intake. Your animal is a diabetic and diet will not help at this point. Your decisions are either to start shots and hope or make the decision to put them out of the pain of what will follow. Their liver and kidneys will fail and it is a slow very painful death. This was not conveyed tp me when it was going on with my dog.

2nd: Diet will help and even prevent this if you start now before any signs are there.

Diet is such a tricky thing. They can't take sugar. Not in any form. The sad part is it is everywhere. In most dog foods, almost all snacks and even in things you might give them a bit of while you are doing things like making a sandwich as it is in all lunch meat we eat and in jerky. Remember the food and drug administration are one unit. Food insures they sell drugs and drugs require food.

My best advice is read your labels all of them. Both canned and dry foods most likely will have sugar. If so put them back on the shelf and try another until there is no sugar, corn syrup, honey, or any other form of sugar in their ingredients. These are a few of the ones that are okay.

There are others also. If you know of any please include in the comments so others will have a choice. Also shoot for grain free because we all know what GMO's are doing to our bodies.


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