Monday, February 3, 2014

Imbolc house blessing

For a house Blessing this Imbolc, use 7 Bay Leaves in half a glass of Salt (rock salt or sea salt) to bless your house and dispel any negative energy.

Bay leaves are used in Spell work for protection, exorcism, psychic vision, good dreams and repels negative energy.

Salt absorbs negative energies, bad spirits and bad feelings, it is probably the best known tool used in protection magic.

Putting these two together is like a super spell that will get rid of any stale or negative energies that are surrounding you or your home. This spell has been done for thousands of years by the Celts, Druids and ancient Romans at the beginning of Spring.

You can put as many cups with salt around the home as you wish or just have one in the centre of your home to keep any bad, stale or negative energy away.

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