Sunday, February 2, 2014

Second Book just went to press.

A Spider's Web by Stormy Stewart

In a small town Katie is just turning sixteen. Her head is filled with romance novels and fairy tales. She spends her days planning her future to resemble the life she loves reading about. In another part of the country Tommy, ten years her senior, leaves his jet setting lifestyle and plans his life around a vision his mother told him when he was ten. The two meet and he whisks her away in the middle of the night. Now alone on a farm and unsure of even what state she is in, Katie finds herself pregnant and realizes she may of made a mistake going with a stranger, even such a handsome one. Tommy realizing the life he had built is about to crumble, tries desperately to keep her under control. When his old girlfriend goes missing, everyone fears they may be next. Now it is a life and death struggle to see "who will reach who first" in this tale of love, deception, and murder. 
This book is fast paced, quickly moving through their difficult life as he uses unorthodox methods to keep his wife under control and ends with a unexpected twist to the story.

Find out what happens in this first of a three book series. Then follow the two into the second book, In the Land of Paradise, about their gifted child, Scout. In the third book, the hope of the future lies in Scouts ability to fight a growing darkness, his own sister.

The book will be out shortly. It just went to press. When it is finished the Kindle version will be offered free as intro to the series.

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