Thursday, February 13, 2014

Next holiday is Ostara

Ostara, the vernal equinox, is the time when light and dark are even as the light begins to overtake the darkness and our days become longer. It is a time of rebirth and renewal. As the vegetation begins to awaken and the seeds begin to grow so does the yearning to give birth to new life. The animal kingdom is also giving birth so walk softly upon mother earth's loins and allow all live to flourish.

This time of the year was named after our fertility goddess Ostara /Ēostre but many know it by another name, Easter. It is a time of planting gardens and sowing seeds, starting new crafts, new ideas, and partaking of the great outdoors as our mother Earth comes alive with her nurturing intent. As we watch our seeds - alive with intent - take hold, we send forth what we wish to get back at the time of harvest.

There are many crafts that mark this time of year. Some of my favorites are:
  1. Baskets made of string or yarn made around a balloon after dipping the string into fabric softener. You can do this as traditional basket or as a basket with a circle cut out on the side to add your Easter grass and eggs.

  2. Make a wish eggs: To make these you simply, poke holes in the top and bottom of your raw egg and blow out the egg. Then draw the things you wish to take hold in the months to come with a crayon or magic marker and then dye your egg with any of the natural dyes below or store bought dyes for eggs. If asking for money you might want to color it green, for love color it red, for friendship or world peace color it pink, to cool someone's emotions color it blue, and so on. Then when you are done bury it in the ground or in a planter if the ground is frozen. Then plant a plant over it. Remember to nurture your plant as you would your dreams for your future, water and care for your plant. 

  3. Making Easter eggs to last for years. Start early blowing your eggs of the raw insides so they can be saved year after year. Then have your child/ children decorate them. This is a wonderful child's craft and a keepsake for future Ostara celebrations. Many years from now they well be treasured keep sakes.
And some of my own creations

My peeps on a pond
My ostara make a wish pie

And other great dishes

Here are some other great crafts to consider

Natural egg dyes

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