Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spell For Breaking A Bad Habit-

~Source: Old Witchcraft

Begin this working any time during the waning moon. Set aside thirty minutes each day to focus yourself and perform this working. The components of this working have been selected for their attributes in several areas such as healing, purification and memory enhancement. This spell is performed over a period of three nights.


* A quiet space
* 3 candles - one for each night tapers or votives:
* choose your color: popular choices would include black for banishing the habit, orange for change, red for courage, white for general use, etc.
* Salt - sea salt or other available salt,
* Rosemary herb ( Rosemarinus officinalis ) a small handful or about 1/2 oz or 1 tbsp
* Parchment - or a small piece of quality paper about 4" X 4"
* Your favorite writing instrument for rituals.
* Small cloth pouch or bag this can be any color and you can match it to the color you choose for your candles.
* Frankincense resin ( Boswellia carterii) about 1 Tablespoon
* A censer, cauldron, or heat proof dish with a small amount of sand or gravel placed in the bottom
* 3 Self- ignighting charcoals - the type used for incense, not the kind used for outdoor barbeques which contain toxins.

Arrange all of the spell components near you - don't forget to bring something to light the candle and charcoal with and make sure that the incense won't trip your smoke detector! What a shock that would be to your focus! Light the charcoal and place it in the censor.

Sit quietly for a few minutes to focus on what you desire to achieve with this working. You may choose to erect a "circle of protection" or "circle of power" at this time if that is your standard procedure. Using your favorite writing instrument and the parchment, write down a few key words that describe the habit you wish to rid yourself of.

Here are some examples: If you wish to release your anger or frustration about a current situation, you could write something like: "I will not let this get to me, I hereby set my anger free" . If you wish to release yourself from eating sugar snacks each afternoon, you might draw a picture of a piece of candy with an X over it. This is the time to use your creativity and make the working an extension of your energy by personalizing it. Your words do not have to rhyme, your picture does not have to be artistically rendered, it does not have to make sense to anyone else but you.

Light one of the three candles, and re-focus your intent. While you are lighting the candle you may choose to say your favorite words for Fire blessing or something like, "The Fire within me is strong. I have the courage and desire to change."

Place the parchment in the cloth pouch. Place the Rosemary and Frankincense in the pouch while keeping your focus on your intent. Turn the pouch over several times to mix everything, then reach in and remove a large pinch of the resin and herb mixture (not the parchment). Place the mixture you removed on the charcoal to burn and take several deep, steady breaths.

You may wish to say your favorite words for Air blessing or something like, "With each breath, I know that I can change." Add the Salt to the pouch. Keep focusing on your intent. Again, you may choose to say your favorite words for Earth blessing or something like, "I have the strength of the Earth. I have the will to change."

Sit quietly for a few more minutes and consider different ways you help yourself to alter your behavior. You will find that many new ideas will arise in your mind that you previously had not thought of.

Allow the candle to burn down in a safe place and keep the pouch with you. You can place it under your pillow or at your bedside while you sleep.

On the second night of the spell, light another charcoal and place it in the censor. Light the next candle. Hold the cloth pouch in both hands and take several deep, slow breaths. Focus your intent to alter your behavior. Try to keep your focus for as long as possible. If you were not perfect in changing your behavior since last night, do not feel guilty or frustrated.

Change takes time and the spell isn't over until the habit is transformed. Reach into the pouch and remove a large pinch of the herb, resin, and salt mixture. Place it on the burning charcoal. At this time you may wish to confirm your intent by saying something like, "As I will it, so mote it be!" "So be it!" Let the candle burn down in a safe place.

On the third night. Light the last candle and the last charcoal. Repeat the procedure from the second night except this time, remove the remainder of the resin, herb and salt mixture, AND the parchment from the pouch. Place the mixture and the parchment on the charcoal. Set the pouch aside and focus on your intent while you watch your parchment/mixture burn. You may wish to help the parchment along by touching it to the candle flame and then dropping it into the censor. Again, you may wish to confirm your intent by saying something like, "It is so!" or "So mote it be!"

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