Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is what I say about St Patrick

Most of us who know anything about Saint Patrick know his marker in the history books is that he drove the snakes from Ireland. What many do not realize is that the snake was a Pagan symbol, the snakes referred to here by the Saint Patrick legend are not literal, and they refer to Pagans. Saint Patrick drove the Pagans (the Celts) out of Ireland. Most of this activity was done is his name, and probably wasn’t actually him, after all the country isn’t small. Originally a religious holiday so to speak, now Saint Patty’s is pretty much a lot of drinking and much cavorting and fondly remembering our Irish heritage for those of us who have ancestors from, or actually live there. It is worth noting, if only for a moment, the original meaning of all this is the propagation and spread of Christianity throughout Ireland by the subjugation and conversion of the Celtic culture that existed there.

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