Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Third Book off to Press

Done with the book finally and tweaked the cover. Just finished the blurb that will run with it.

"Within the magical setting of an island paradise, a dark presences awaits. As everyday life springs forth, the expectations of a young couple for a quiet life are turned upside down. While raising their child far away from their dubious past, they never suspected that their gifted son would already have access to even their darkest secrets. Still learning to cope with abilities that even his parents were unaware of, the young child foresees the death of his mother. He then must devise a plan to save her and enlists the help of his father, the spirit of his great grandfather (a medicine man), and an ancient entity.

And so the battle begins."


  1. Congrats! I know what an achievement it can be to finally, finally be ale to send a finished work for printing!

  2. Thank you Penny. It actually just went out. After getting the second proof I still wasn't ready to send it off into the world but was unsure why. This morning it dawned on me. The series needed four books not three. The third will deal with Katie's dark past and the forth will be their children's war