Thursday, August 30, 2012

July Herb Studies Nov 15, '08 8:06 PM Zephra

 "Every breath is a give-away dance between you and the plants. Breathe this in. Plant Spirit Healing vibrates like a harp string, shimmers like a spider web, and is destined to be the warp thread in the re-weaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients." Susun Weed.
We have a symbiotic relationship with plants. Though they can live without us, we cannot live without them. Animal, Mineral, Vegetable; all the growing things upon this Earth, it is the vegetable that sustains us, heals us, feeds us and produces the life-giving oxygen that keeps us alive.
Leaf, flower, root, bark and seed; distilled, dried and fresh all hold the essence of the plant from which it came.
Magikal properties too can be gleaned from just sensing these herbs. Every plant has a purpose, either healing or magik it is revealed as we get to know them.
Pick up any Wiccan book and it will have a section on herbs. Mostly magikal aspects and spells but also healing and spiritual as well.
On our "Circle of Seekers" group site are numerous uses for herbs, teas, recipes, spells and more.
What we have laid out before us is an array of herbs, oils and resins. On the hand-outs are various uses and aspects but I encourage you to use your intuition and common sense.

So we all got busy and created our mixtures, potions, oils and teas. I would like everyone to share what changes took place in the next few weeks. Enlightening? Magikal? Success?

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