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Samhain ritual written Zephra

As the official sight of my first coven disbands I am hoping to save some of Zephra's hard work!

Samhain 2008

We gather here tonight to celebrate Samhain, Halloween, All Souls’ Day and the New Year. The wheel has turned to the Third Harvest. Our lives are not measured by the minute or the hour, but by the seasons and the moon. Cycle and celebration. Holidays approach with familiar joys, each bringing a recognition that time is a circle, always returning back to now. Marking the passage of the seasons. When people live close to nature, the dramas of weather and transformation are surrounded by the mysteries of God and Goddess. Learning these mysteries, finding magick in each leaf and stone and star is our quest. To feel connected with every energy, and make the world a more loving place.

We smudge as a clearing of negative energies that we seem to collect on our daily journey, misconceived ideas and sorrows. To release our cares to a higher power. A cleansing of the spirit.

Because of the thinning veil between this world and others unseen, all the restless souls are seeking an audience, we must ask only those of purest intent to come through. We ask for guidance and protection as we call the quarters and cast the circle.

Hecate, the Goddess of the underworld will be our guide tonight as we journey through the veil and serve as protector to those who visit us night. So let us push this circle beyond the boundaries of this house. See it glowing with power and protection.

East: Hecate! We invite Thee, join us in this rite, upon Your Owls and Ravens this night. Flying on the wind that whirls between worlds, we hear Your whispering with each breath, in the murmuring magick of our minds. With your guidance and protection. So Mote It Be.

South: Hecate! We invite Thee to come riding the fire, with Your Lions and Wild Cats of intensity and desire. In the burning flames we hear You roaring along our nerves, dancing in the blaze that leaps into our will. With guidance and protection. So Mote It Be.

West: Hecate! Come upon Your great Slithering Serpent, Your Dragon rising from the watery abyss. Pouring out visions and prophetic dreams. Embrace us in love with the waves that roar within our hearts. With guidance and protection. So Mote It Be.

North: Hecate! Come join us this night of nights with Your Wolves and Hounds before our sight. From the depths, they come bounding out of the caverns of the earth. We hear your howl deep in our bones, within the marrow of our souls.

Light the candles East, South, West, North.

All: Hand to hand and heart we cast this sacred circle.

Every beginning has an ending. And every ending is a new beginning. In life is death and in death is life. Watch over us oh loved ones and all Brothers and Sisters, here and departed, for tonight we are joined together again for fellowship and celebration. Bless us as we light our candles. Guide us and protect us tonight and throughout the coming year.

Let us honor those who have moved from our world, with the lighting of candles and shared memories. Place your pictures or memories on the altar. Light as many as needed. Saying that beings name to yourself as you do so. Fill yourself with memories, the good times and the feeling of peace.

Even though the body dies

The soul lives on forever

In the circle of birth and death

The tie of love cannot be severed.

This night we remember

The memory of loved ones

Passed on to the Summerland

Mothers, Fathers. Daughters, Sons.

You still live on

In our hearts and memory

Until you are born again

We say blessed be.

The Call To Hecate

Hecate! come, the moon's path opens before thee
From thy secret realm
Dark as midnight seas
Approach the crossroads with thy wild wolves
Thou that runs with the fierce,
Run now with us

Guide to the underworld
She of the ancient wisdom black as night,
Red as blood!
Wise as time, ever lasting...
Lead our hearts to those beloved who have passed on
Lead this sacred circle of night beyond the veil!
Guide us in wisdom and let our hearts speak truly!

Hecate! Who art the soul's mirror and the keeper of the keys
Come, calm all our fears ...
In the silvered silence of the moon!
In the howls of the wild!
From the realm of transformation!
Show us the reality of re-birth!
Hecate grant us thy presence!
Come, guide us, so the living speak with the dead!



Get comfortable, settle in, ready to begin your journey

close your eyes... and begin to breathe... slowly and deeply - notice your breath -and begin to engage your whole body in it's process. As you inhale, do so with every fiber of your being - it is as if every pore in your skin were taking in the cool night air. Feel the oxygen replenish your life's blood, bringing you clarity of mind. Now as you exhale, notice the calming peacefulness which surrounds you. Feel the stillness in that moment before you next choose to inhale. And precede to your steps…. 7.…6...downward you go….5.…4.…deeper into the Earth……..3.…2.….1.…and your door is before you……The entrance to otherworld …A misty veil is parting as you gaze into the unknown…..Through the veil dark and deep, the door between world release…..

Here...we shall find all that have passed…. Now once again, concentrate on your breath, and as you inhale, concentrate the Life Force in Spiritual Vision. think of one who was dear to you, remember a most special one, perhaps even a lost feeling that has passed into this realm. This may be a relative , a lover or a friend, a companion, or pet.. most loved to whom you would like to speak. Notice your senses … see them become clearer…smell the essence of them…..a memory of a taste …..a touch of a beard, whiskers or soft fur….a kiss perhaps… a wafting smell… They are here…Now is your chance to honor them, send them your love and respect.. Do you need to complete unfinished matters with your loved one? In their departure had you not yet said to them what must be said? You know that you must say to them now what you did not have a chance to say in life. Bring this treasure now to mind, be open and relaxed - see them near. …………..*************************************************................Now once again notice your breath...and as you draw in the Life Force, send its essence to your heart...for it is there that the voice to be heard in this world abides. Feel your heart, breathe into your heart. Now as you exhale, send the message from your heart to that beloved one, speak the things to them that you could not speak of before. (pause)

Now you may listen, allow the voice of your loved one to speak back to you; to say what they could not speak before. Listen carefully and remember all that is said.........


When you feel that your communion is complete and you are ready, at your own pace, Thank them…. know that you will be with them again,…. go back through the door seeing the mist thickening beyond the doorway… go up your steps…1.…….2.………3.…………..4.……..5.…………6.……..7...come back to the world of the living. Come back to your body and know your message has been heard, your offering received. When you are complete, Open your eyes and give thanks...

As the New Year is born, we are all reborn, with new hopes and dreams. To achieve our goals we need strength and courage, knowledge and faith.

While still in that flux of meditation dreaminess, if you wish go to the scrying bowl, pour some water from the pitcher and gazing deeply see what the new year may have in store. When finished pour the water into the container on the other side. Now it is ready for the next one. Please take your time. Those of us waiting are still reveling in our visions.

Sharing…..passing the talking stick.


Life is a circle

Our ties last forever

We pass through this life

And go round together

So, eat drink and be happy

As happy as we

Share and give thanks

So mote it be.

Remember to set a plate out for the spirits that have helped us throughout the night.


E. Farewell, Owls of the East, return to your perches in the night. We thank all who came for your presence in our circle tonight. Farewell.. So Mote It Be.

N. Farewell Wolves of the North, return to your caves. We that all being that joined us this night. Farewell. So Mote It Be.

W. Farewell Serpents of the West, return to your watery abyss. We thank the westerly being for their presence in our circle tonight. Farewell. So Mote It Be.

S. Farewell Lions of the South, return to your sun drenched savannahs, We thank you all who touched us on this special night. Farewell. So Mote It Be.

Thank you Hecate, Goddess of the Underworld, for guiding us through this night. Lead our Lord into Darkness, guide our loved ones also. Prepare them for rebirth. We will go within and await the Sun’s return.

All: The circle is open yet unbroken, merry meet and merry part, until we meet again. May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.

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