Friday, August 17, 2012

Rosemary & Roses Candle

Paraffin wax
Candle mould
Miniature roses, or large rose petals
Lots of springs of fresh rosemary, cut to different lengths

Cut wick to desired length (length of candle mould plus 3 inches).
Tie wick to pencil and lie pencil over candle mould with the wick inside the mould.
Gently heat paraffin wax in an old tin in a pan of hot water.
Drop a few petals/flowers and rosemary in mould.
Carefully pour some wax into the mould.
Add some more petals/flowers and rosemary, then more wax, and so on until the mould is full.
Let cool.
Remove pencil and remove candle from mould.

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