Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Moon through the Signs

Moon in Aries: note authority, leadership, starting something new. Also selfishness, me first attitudes and short tempers.

Moon in Taurus: note money issues and how everyone deals with them. Expressions of love. Also a lazy attitude, stubborn, jealous and greedy.

Moon in Gemini: catching up on correspondences, communication, writing, travel. But could issue in a wanderlust, restlessness, and a talk, talk, talk problem.

Moon in Cancer: home and family first on your list, taking care of others, mothering everyone around you. Which could lead to smothering, overbearing, overly sensitive and moody.

Moon in Leo: Authority, courageous, proud. Which in turn could seem like look at me! Do it my way. Bullying and aggressive. Over-spending.

Moon in Virgo: organizing, cleaning, catching up on chores. Health conscious, eating healthy & feeding everyone. On the other hand, O.C.D., worrying, fussiness to the extreme.

Moon in Libra: rational, fair, seeing both sides in a situation. Balanced (spiritual and otherwise), creativity kicks in. On the down side, sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, trying to solve everyone’s problems.

Moon in Scorpio: Inner strength, psychic tendencies emerge, strong urge to have monkey love sex. In turn may become an obsession with someone who doesn’t return the same feelings, secrets, hermit-like tendencies.

Moon in Sagittarius: the mind turns to travel, sports, competition of all kinds. And that too can be an over enthusiasm that can lead to fights and confrontation.

Moon in Capricorn: ambition, career, organizing and politics may be first order of conversation. Work-a-holic, neglecting family and friends. Hording money, food and time.

Moon in Aquarius: using your mind to break bad habits, get into a good book and learn new things, delving deep into a subject. Negative tendencies are over-indulgence freedom craving avoidance.

Moon in Pisces: music, art and dreams may be prominent. Telepathy kicks in and the moon lends Her psychic talents. Dreams turn to dreaminess, laziness and avoidance. La la la.

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