Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lughnasadh by Zephra

6:00pm Aug 29

Welcome to The Circle of Seekers. Thank-you for joining us as we turn the wheel to Lammas- Lughnasadh - First Harvest. As season follows season, as snow follows summer the change is made, for darkness must follow light. From the blessing of our seeds to the dedicating of the garden, to the harvesting the fruits of our labor we have followed the cycle of the Earth. With bittersweet emotions we begin to turn toward autumn.

East: We gather as in the days of old

To celebrate this season bold.

With the breeze of East and Air

Come join our Lughnasadh fair. So mote it be.

South: To the South with Sun so bright

We celebrate this Lammas night

Feeding flames of strength and desire

Join with us the energy of Fire. So mote it be.

West: Western Waters bright and blue

Stay the course, tried and true

We invite Thee to our rite

And all the joy this harvest night. So mote it be.

North: We call upon the Northern spirits

Mother Earth to hold and cheer us

Strength and honor of Lugh’s games

And invite Thee all to do the same. So mote it be.

Ruby: Welcome oh Corn Lord, golden haired son of Mother Earth and Father Sky, lover of the sovereign Goddess of the land. Sacred King who meets death at the Queen’s hand.

Matt: Come great Goddess, spirit of the Earth, whose body supports us. Mother of the universe, whose milk is the stars. Spinner of fate, who weaves and measures our lives. Lady of death who cuts the thread. Be welcome here as the Queen of the harvest.

This is a celebration of plenty and prosperity.

Pour the juice: Lord and Lady, we call upon you to bless this fruit of the Earth, the blood of the Earth pressed smooth. As we drink of Thee may we learn the wisdom of God and Goddess.

Break the bread: Lord and Lady, we call upon you to bless this bread, the fruit of the womb of the Goddess, without which we would not live. As we eat of Thee may we learn the love of God and Goddess.

Lughnasadh named after the Celtic God Lugh. God of light. Nasadh means assemble or games. So the festival of Lughnasadh was characterized by games - horse racing and feats of physical prowess. It marks the high point of a season in which war-skills and hunting were still the order of the day.

Lugh of the long arm, let the fire be lit!

Let the games begin.

Our Games include Archery, Horse-shoes, Bocce-ball.

Activities are: Making a Corn Dolly, Henna, Face painting and all around fun and laughter.

Feast: We thank Goddess Gaia for this bounty of food from Her body and the God Lugh of the Sun that provides the life giving light.

Closing: E. We thank the spirits of the East for coming to our Lammas feast. So Mote It Be

N. We thank the spirits of the North, we felt your presence coming forth. So Mote It Be

W. We thank the spirits of the West, with your healing touch we know best. So Mote It Be

S. We thank the spirits of the South, your loving kiss upon our mouth. So Mote It Be

The circle is open yet unbroken, merry meet and merry part until we meet again. May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.

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