Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a day in the life

So often we wake, go through the day and got to sleep in a funk. No reason just not a meaningful day for one reason or another. For me these past months have been that time. I run around doing the things that are expected like visiting facebook and the JAP site which are uppers for me, well not Facebook, hate that one but my family is on and quite frankly It is the only info on my kids I get. I write as I feel an inspiration, and I play with Raptor.

As we age, people seam to forget us, maybe not intentionally but they do just the same. Our kids grow and expand their horizons and fall in love pick friends and share the drudgery's of life. When I was in my 20's my parents were not on my mind. When I was in my 30's I would come up and visit them sometimes on weekends. In my 40's my parents lived only 35 minutes away, did I visit? well about every 2-3 weeks. My parents died soon after that my father first and then I moved out to Colorado, then my mother the day after Halloween when the veils are the thinnest.  I miss them so. My greatest fear is that my kids will not even notice I died.

Now I am in my 50's and I swear I am still interesting, fun to be with, still a great cook, still loving and helpful. I want only to share with my family and have a family get together. But no one seams to have time for me, why is that?

Maybe that is part of my funk, the rest is being promised something and that person just not caring enough to follow through. My hubby promised to proof read my newest book and he did 1 chapter and poof he was gone. it was promised 2 chapters a week until he was caught up to me. he did one, I am on seven. I can see why Jackie gave up and started just watching TV all day.

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