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September 29th.2008 New Moon by Zephra

September 29th. New Moon

Last week the wheel turned to Equinox. The Sun entered into Libra the Scales. Our world was in balance. Day and night were equal, but rapidly the darkness is taking over. Thirteen minutes darker this week than last. The cycle of Light and Darkness continues…

Tonight is the new moon and it too is in Libra. We are finding that balance of holding on to past lessons (astrology and Mabon) and moving forward to the new lessons. (energy, auras and chakras). Because one subject over-laps another, the basic interest tonight is New Moon/Dark Moon, *Balance* Energy and Grounding,* Starting with the Root Chakra.*

Which in turn will lead to the complete Chakra System, Building/redecorating/returning to our Magical Home and why I always use 7 steps to get there!

Finding balance and feeling the energies within us and around us. Even our studies take us in circles. Last year around this time we touched upon chakras and auras. I talk about energies often because of the fact that everything vibrates at a specific level, unique to that particular being. Humans, Animals, Plants, Minerals, The Earth Herself, The Moon and beyond to the furthest reaches of the Universe, are all humming along to their own tune.

As I write this I feel my body change to an almost meditative state. Relaxed, letting my words flow….. My fingers tingle in time with my thoughts…. The energy in my body is rising. I feel we are on the right path for our lessons. Trying to keep it interesting and useful for those that have been studying for awhile and introducing these basics to those who wish to learn……. I go into my magical home….centered and grounded. Inspiration comes… the answers come… the words are there, ready to be picked. I realize how everything I see, do, think, touch, and even taste and smell, I categorize into correspondences, directions, elements, chakras, all swirling around me, keeping me connected to God/Goddess, The Earth and All There Is. I may be borderline crazy….. But that’s okay…. Most of the time….. I think……

So, Before we move on, I ask, do we all have a meditative/magical room inside our minds? Do you ever have the need to ground yourself? These are ways to feel the energies in your body changing, becoming more natural, relaxed, in-tune and ready for the magick to begin With this New Moon and new beginnings, with the Sun and Moon in Libra, are we ready to find the balance in our lives?

First let’s create a grounding cord. This concentrates on the root chakra:

Get comfortable. Three deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Place your right hand on your belly just at your pubic bone and your left hand behind you at the base of your tail bone. Envision a circular energy center inside your pelvis right between your hands….. This is your root chakra …….envision a disk, a red color of swirling energy, feel it pulsing between your hands. This firmly anchored disk resides in your body at all times…..this center has been present from birth…. It has a constant and unlimited supply of energy…….its primary function is to feed and serve you……. When you see this swirling red energy clearly you may rest your hands in your lap.

From this chakra see a cord or root or tube of energy moving downward… end is anchored….plugged inside your body… the other, this cord, is moving down though the chair……into the floor…. See it moving into the earth…. Through dirt….stones…. Around and down….past boulders and other roots….deeper…….past underground rivers ……layers of coal and quartz ….then you reach the center of the Earth….Red hot magma…. Plug into this magma…..feel your root wrap around this energy…. Feel your center of gravity connect with the Earth’s gravity…..Call your name down the cord….. From the chakra you see your name written all over the energy that swirls downward….. This is your 1st. Cord………………………………...........................................................

Now simply release your cord….. Unplug it from your chakra center……….. Let it burn in the hot lava…… let it go…… remind your self that you are in charge of your energy… It belongs to you.

Deep breath…. Come back to here and now more relaxed, more open to the ultimate possibilities.

This is an exercise you can do while walking around, working, resting even driving. Once you get used to doing this it will become easier and easier. Use your grounding root in different ways. When you are angry or frustrated, it can dissipate these negative impulses and purify them into a solution. If you are tired or low energy, tap into this unlimited supply. Energize yourself. If you are feeling indecisive or spacey, ground your self and feel the answers. You can ground out pain, both physical and mental. And as always it is a direct link to God/Goddess.

Now you can ground yourself, any time, anywhere, any way you like. There are only a few guidelines for optimal grounding: It should be securely anchored at both ends. There should be a constant downward flow so it can be used as a cleaning tool. Don’t forget to call your name down it. And the outside edges are rounded, without holes, tears or breaks to leak energy. Beyond that, its size, color and anchoring system are yours to create. Change the color each day for love, energy, money, (think positive), healing, happiness or anything you need to work or. Use the color of the day. Just for fun, happy carefree attitude. Start each day with a new cord/root. Check in often. Release stress before it builds up.

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