Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As Yule approaches I realize how lazy I had been this year

Sure I finished writing three books and started countless other books, forty seven to be exact but who is counting. Don't ask why only one is in print, getting me started on that one would take a lifetime. Basically I am awaiting editing which was coming from two different people and so far has been a hurry up and wait situation. I did get "Hedge witch Herbal" out there though.

My plans for Yule this year were to make faeries from polymer clay and create faery lights from them as Yule gifts, but three months without electricity blew that idea. So it is on the fire for next years Yule. I also had planned Yule stockings which also didn't happen. In fact besides moving all I did accomplish was to start Stockings and to make my crystal beaded German Yule spiders. I now have 13 of them completed. I needed ten, so I have a few extra for people who stop by between then and now. Other wise they will decorate my tree.

Each year I want to make a ornament representing part of my heritage. On my fathers side they were all English. On my mothers side they were French, French Canadian, German, Polish, Dutch, Native American, Irish, and Scottish.

I am working on ideas for an beaded eagle for next year as my next Yule tree ornament. This one will be for my Indian heritage unless I can create one that looks like a Polish Eagle. Stay tunes as I start my next years projects just after the holidays.

I also plan on creating my own Christmas cards, got any ideas on that? Am open at this point, so if any of you have made them let me know.

Well got to go, my husky says the snow is calling her for snow angels.

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