Sunday, December 8, 2013

my newest German Christmas spiders

1 spool, jewellery wire
1 needle nose plyers with cutting edge
1 tweezers (optional but helpful)
1 straight pin with flat top (long enough to put on both head and body bead and loop at end to hang
1large body bead
1small head bead
40 seed beads or larger as leg joints
32 long beads for leg bones

Gather the head bead and body bead and put on the pin and twist slightly to make sure it is long enough and this will keep those beads together while you make the legs
For the legs
Note my spiders were made with seed bead joints so they are approx 3 inches wide with the legs set.
To make this size cut 4 pieces of wire as wide as a envelope is tall.
On one end twist a small circle so the wire comes together so the leg will not scrape if made as jewellery
For the sake of this recipe I created a chart
s = Seed bead
l = long bead

For each leg which is actually two legs once you wrap them on. You will follow the pattern below


Note the two seed bead together in the center. that will divide your two legs. Make 4 of this pattern for each spider having twisted one side to put wire under beads and leave the other side with an extra inch and fold and do the same by pushing the beads back over the twisted wire. This will leave about 1/2 in or so of empty wire in the center if you use the two connecting seed beads as guides to separate the legs
To put it all together

Straighten the pin again and remove body. twist the legs first together with each other and then around the pin at the bottom of the head.
Put the body back on and crimp back into a circle so it can be hung.

You can use as a necklace by putting on a gold or silver string or necklace

You can use as an ornament on a tree

You can add to an autumn wreath

You can use as a Halloween spider.

You can hang and collect a bunch of them on a mantel
To read the tale of the German Spider and how tinsel was made follow this link

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