Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Next years ornament started early ~ The Native American Eagle or Shaman Dancer ~

Each year i pick a part of my heritage and make an ornament. The one I made this year was the German tale of the Spider. Here is the link

This next year I got a jump on that ornament tonight when I made this. I had Wanted a polish eagle but with working with what I had it quickly became and Native American Eagle or shaman dancer depending on how you look at it.

Cut a 6-7 inch piece of colored wire (mine was blue)
string your three tail feathers on and center and twist wire together.

Onto that twisted part add the body bead over both parts of the wire. 

Place your head bead on next and bend to side to hold and set a side to work on wings 

Cut a 5 inch piece of wire and attach a slightly bigger than seed bead and wrap the end of the wire to secure. 

Then it will go as follows
seed bead, shortest point, seed bead, next sized bigger bead, seed bead, next sized bigger point, seed bead, next sized bigger bead, seed bead, biggest point, seed bead, next bigger bead......Then reverse the order. Picture is one side then reverse the beads for the other side.

Figure out how big the wire has to be to accommodate the beads plus 2/3-3.4 of an inch extra. then secure your last bigger bead as you did the first by wrapping the wire around between it and the seed bead beside it.

Secure to the body between the head and body.

 This was the original drawing that got me started
Two finished

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