Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another way of avoiding GMO foods

Read Labels: You know those PLU codes you see on fresh produce? They are the 4-digit numbers that helps the cashier at a grocery store figure out the difference between a Fuji apple and a Gala apple, or what the heck you are asking them to ring up from the exotic fruits aisle.

Five-digit numbers that start with a “9″ signify that the product is organic, while a five-digit number starting with “8″ implies that it is a GMO.

However, there are no labeling requirements for GM products, so you’re not likely to ever find a 5-digit PLU code that starts with an 8 in a grocery store. Right now, it’s only organic and natural food brands that voluntarily label their products as GMO-free, but you’re not likely to see any GMO labels on big national brands. If the label doesn’t say GMO-free, don’t assume that it is.

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