Saturday, April 12, 2014

Full Moon Bath Ritual by Cath Green

The Full Moon is a great time to purify and cleanse your energy.
Or to just relax and cleanse into the Lunar qualities, take a nice bath. Light candles, set the mood with music, light some incense - get in touch with your inner Venus. While in the bath, imagine all the negative energy leaving your body absorbing into the water.
3/4 Organic sea salt
A handful of pink Himalayan salt
Handful dried rose petals
Handful dried lavender buds
4-5 petals of dry pink hibiscus
6 drops Ylang Ylang oil
6 drops Geranium oil
1-2 drops vanilla essential oil
And mix altogether!

As it settles, the aroma is just divine. The Hibiscus makes the water pink too! So add however much you want to increase the color! You can even add rose quartz, or whatever stones you want to soak with (just be careful they don't dissolve in water!).
***TIP~ There are two ways to take your glorious FULL MOON bath:
One just drop the whole thing into your bath. It will look enchanting with flowers and herbs and you will feel like a goddess indeed! If you do it this way, mark this tip: Let the bath drain out and leave it! Do not attempt to try and clean the bathtub afterwards to remove all the flowers, herbs etc. This will not only spoil your mood but it’s harder to clean when it’s wet. Just let it be! The next morning it will have dried and you can easily dust it off and sweep it out of your bath with a dust pan. Otherwise, put your salts in a cheese cloth and that way it can be contained with no mess! Enjoy!

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