Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow Blanket Banishment (from your life)

This is used for when you want someone out of your life without causing harm.
Make 2 small snow men, a few inches tall, each facing different directions.
The one which represents you should face your home, the one representing
the person you wish to go away should face away from your home.
Invest as much energy in the creation of these snowmen as you can.
In between the snow men, build a wall tall enough that the wall is taller than the snowmen.

Out of sight, out of mind,
Knot my thoughts are not unkind,
Our paths must take us separate ways,
So we may live in happiness all our days.
I let you go with blessings true,
Hoping you find the best for you,
I wish you love and wish you peace,
As of now our relationship does cease.

Take the snowman representing you,
pick it up and hide it from the other snow man.
Return to the snowman who is someone you wish to go away,
build a large snow wall around the snowman, leave a small door
way in the wall leading in the opposite direction from the snow man representing you.

written by Lori

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