Sunday, April 6, 2014

Arndt Bottermann (? – 1647) From the farm to the sorcerer

  Arndt Bottermann was mainly known in the Ruhr.
According to a legend, he is said to have brought seven black cats to a cart ( loaded with a barrel of wine ) when he went up to the mountain. Then he was accused of witchcraft. The cats were fictional, but everything else is true .

Shortly before the end of the Thirty Years' War, the farmer Bottermann was accused in Witten to have the horse bewitched from a neighbor , so this died. Just afterwards, the horse of a market woman, to be found dead under his magical powers .

In the village of the wealthy farmer, was considered from now on as a sorcerer. As public pressure grew, he eventually surrendered voluntarily to the court and asked to be allowed to prove his innocence by means of a water sample.

Extracts from the court records are preserved. Bottermann was tied up and thrown into the water . He did not go below what was a testament to the cooperation with the devil.

Although Bottermann vehemently denied to have something to do with witchcraft at the hat, he was so long tortured and taken by the clergy to cross-examine, until he finally confessed to know the devil himself. Bauer Bottermann was hanged, and his body burned .

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