Sunday, April 6, 2014


Here are the things you need:
3 white candles(to add to your spiritual strength)
1 pink ( to add to your general success)
1 yellow ( to instill confidence)
1 green ( for money, luck financial success)
1 purple ( to give ambition, and to promote business progress)
1 black ( to soak up the negative energies)
Oils, either success oil (if you have it) or Frankincense oil, your choice really.
Incense: frankincense, or myrrh( again your choice)
Please carve into each candle a symbol, weather it be a cross or pentagram etc,.
Anoint the candles.
Write on a piece of parchment paper what you desire and if you know the name of the
person that would interview write their name on the paper. If you don't have the name of
the person interviewing you, write down the company name.
Then write down these words, for Power, Skill and Fame Helimaz, Feridox, solodar.
Now meditate and say this ritual:
Daily desire in myself grows
to have (name what it is you desire) in my life show.
Soon this reality I will know.
What I am seeking will seek me
I have the power to see it through
So my desire to ( name desire) will come to me
Energy flowing giving added strength to me
Success in my desires growing steadily
(name desire) is realized quickly
(name desire) coming to the fore
(name desire) to have forevermore.
Sit and meditate on what you want, Repeat this ritual for 9 days.
This ritual needs to be done at night. At the end of the 9 days, burn the paper over the green candle.

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