Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Herb Incense and what they are used for

Here are some one-herb incenses that can be burned on charcoal blocks as needed. They are instant incenses, needing no mixing or measuring. Simply grind them before use.

One Herb Incenses

1) Allspice: Burn to attract money and luck and to
provide extra physical energy.

2) Bay: Use a small amount for purification and
protection of the home.

3) Cedar: Smoulder for purification, protection, to
speed healing and promote spirituality, and to obtain

4) Cinnamon: Burn to sharpen psychic powers, to draw
money, speed healing, confer protection and to
strenghten love.

5) Clove: Protection, exorcism, money, love and

6) Fern: Burn the dried fronds indoors to exorcise
evil, and outdoors to bring rain.

7) Juniper: Exorcism, protection, healing and love.

8) Pine: smoulder for money, purification, healing and

9) Rosemary: Burn for protection, exorcism,
purification, healing and to cause sleep; to restore
or maintain youth, to bring love and to increase
intellectual powers.

10)Sage: Smoulder to promote healing and spirituality.

11)Sandalwood: For Protection, healing, exorcism, and

12)Thyme: Health, healing and purificatio

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