Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beltane Devotional with Yarrow

 A May

Beltane was upon us so fast this year. Busted Cricket and I were ready. Had our Ribbon all ready for the May pole. Last years it was a hurry up fast to find something. This year we bought the perfect ones to reflect us. I bought a pinecone ribbon. Busted Cricket picked out a shimmery blue speckled ribbon. Both are beautiful.

Here is a divination to see your future husband-wife for all those single people out there.

It is for April 30th Beltane Eve, So start looking for Yarrow.

Beltane Love Divination: Yarrow

Herbal Magick - A Witch's Guide To Herbal Enchantments, Folklore, and Divinations"

By Gerina Dunwhich

To experience a dream about the man or woman destined to be your future marriage mate, pluck 10 stalks of yarrow on Beltane Eve (April 30) or on a night when the moon is new. Before going to bed, place nine of the stalks beneath your Pillow and toss the remaining one over your left shoulder While repeating the following charm:

"Good night, good night, fair yarrow,

Thrice good night to thee.

I pray before the dawn tomorrow,

My true love to see.

Beltane Love Divination Yarrow 2

Sew an ounce of yarrow in a piece of flannel or stuff it into a stocking and then place it beneath your pillow before going to bed. You may speak this charm (or a variation) three times

Thou pretty herb of Venus' tree,

Thy true name it is yarrow.

Now who my future lover must be,

Pray tell thou me tomorrow.

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