Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dutch Oven Peach Cobler "Dump Cake"

Some folks call this a 'dump cake' GREAT beginner recipe, esp. for outdoor cooking.

1 box yellow cake mix (can use white, but yellow tastes better with peaches)
1/2 stick butter/margarine
1 large can(s) peach slices
side of vanilla ice cream (optional)
12 inch shallow dutch oven - the kind with legs. this recipe just doesn't work with a 12 inch deep
1 pair long tongs - to move around charcoals
1 long handled claw hammer (this is the lid lifter) to use when there are hot coals on the lid
2 aluminum roasting pans. 1 is to cook in, the second is a clean surface to put the lid down while you stir & add stuff
LOTS charcoal starter fluid

1. light 24 charcoals. They will be ready to use in ONLY ten mins (don't be fooled into waiting too long, they don't have to be completely glowing. If you wait more than 10 to 13 mins, you won't get the full cooking time out of your charcoals)
2. If your oven isn't already well-seasoned, start by using a bit of butter/margarine/cooking oil to grease it down on the bottom and about halfway up the sides.
3. open & dump peaches into Dutch oven
4. open cake mix & spread it evenly over peaches (yes, use it dry)
5. cut up the butter/margarine and drop little pieces across the cake mix. Put the lid on the oven.
6. make a ring of 7 charcoals and place 3 charcoals inside the ring. the ring should be just smaller than the bottom surface of your oven. Place the oven over this ring
7. place the remaining 14 charcoals on the lid by making a ring of 10 or 11 around the outside & place 3/4 inside
8. Don't touch it for 40 mins - it's tempting, esp. when you're excited about trying a new oven
9. at 40 to 45 mins: You need a CLEAN surface to put the lid on, or a strong arm to hold the lid up during all checking.
10. It's almost done when there's a crust forming on top & it's starting to brown - even if only in spots. At that almost done point, I take all the charcoals from the bottom & place them on the top. This speeds up the top browning & prevents burnage on the bottom. Keep checking every 3 or so mins until the top is nicely browned. It may be brown in patches - that's ok - don't wait for the whole thing to be evenly browned. Judge readiness by the most browned spots. You can spread the cake mix a little more evenly the next time =)

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