Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saving Cast Iron Cook Wear.

 How do you save cast iron cook wear. You see I go to a lot of yard sales and aucions. I look for old cast iron cook wear. And i have found a lot. I have been able to save most of what I buy.

Here is what i do when i find cast iron cook wear. It takes a little work. But it is worth it. you will need some corse sand paper and,some fine sand papet. and some coke. What I do first sand the cook ware with corse sand paper. Then wash with soap and hot water. Dry it (you may need to sand and wash 2-3 times) Then I use the fine sand paper and wash 2-3 times. By then you should be down to the bare matal. I then put it on the stove. pour coke in the cook wear(coke only) and bring to a boil. Do this 2-3 times. Wash and dry real good.. I then put a coat of oil in and on ,inside and out side. I cook the cook wear on a grill bring to 350-400 for 1 hour. Let it cool down. (I do mine on a baral grill out side because of somke and how many i do at a time). I do this at least 2 times or 3. Then after it cools down put a thin coat of oil on it and you should be ready to go. I have been able to give my 2 sons a set this way. And i have 3 sets myself. I hope this helps. 
Bob Wakeman

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