Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Equinox by Stormy Stewart

Autumn Equinox is almost upon us. It is a time of drawing inward. Into our houses, into our crafts, and inward as we reflect on our summer and our lives. It is also a time of rejuvenation. We clear our heads and our bodies. It is also a time of wearing down. Many earthly bodies are wearing down. Not sure why it is but with the winter also comes a time of letting go. Both for the families who lost or are loosing a loved one, and also for those leaving this Earthy plane. For that many find it a time of sorrow and depression. Watch for those feeling that way and lend a loving shoulder.
For others it is a up lifting time of new love, marriages and the thrill of up and coming family traditions and celebrations. There is Mabon, Sept 21st, then Samhain or Halloween Oct 31st, and the big celebration, Yule on Dec 21st or Christmas on Dec 25th. In the past many have only celebrated one or the other, however since my daughters new love 3 years ago, I have been celebrating Both Yule and Christmas. Yule with my hubby and daughter if she can make it and Christmas with her at her house with his parents and siblings. I hope to create a tradition in which up and coming grand children will know both.

It is also a time of reaping that we have sown. Plants are being harvested, canned or in some way preserved or put into cellars. In that way the old traditions are more alive than ever with the economy being what it is. More people are growing their food or at least a part of it. They are also taking a good look at what goes into their bodies. It is a good time to reflect on that and make plans to change where we can.

So while you are canning, carving pumpkins or preparing that autumn meal, take a moment and give a smile to family and friends, to co-workers, to that hurried person who almost cut you off on the road, or to that person who pushed you aside to get the last can of pumpkin you were about to take. And include them in your prayers at night or in your candle rituals. Remember we are all in this together, we all came here for the same reason, to learn.

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