Friday, September 28, 2012

From the window By Stormy Stewart

Watching from the window I see a bird land on a feeder; in the distance a dog barks.......Jake. Yes it's Jake, the neighbors dog. The wind is blowing softly. I can feel it through the screen. And the smell, So clean, like after a summers rain. Yes that's right it rained last night. Why is it so hard to remember? It's afternoon. I had lunch a short time ago. I remember that. Yes! I can remember somethings. I guess the others  will come in time.

A man is holding me. His touch is soft and loving as it rubs my back. I don't know why but I know he means me no harm, Yet, I can't remember just how we met. I lean into him as I gaze out the window. There are now three birds on the feeder, all chirping their hello's. The grass is so green. I want to go out so badly, and feel the grass between my toes. But I am a Prisoner. Wait how can that be? How can I escape! I lower my head on his shoulder and nuzzle in and smell him. Ah. He smells of old spice and spegetti. Two of my favorite smells. He hugs me and whispers , "I love you."

I came here on my own, not that long ago. But now..... Now I can't walk, My muscles aren't working when I ask. I can barely hold my head up. Yet I seam to be just a little stronger every day. What happened to me? My memory fails. Is it Alzheimer's. I remember hearing about that somewhere. Yet I can remember my life before ........ well sometimes I can. I was invincible, I came and went at will, I was everywhere and nowhere all at once. But wait that doesn't even make sense to me anymore. Still there was a time. A time when it did. But alas that was before this man. .........Did he do something to my. Ahhhh......I wish I could remember, but I can't. All this thought has made me tired. Or maybe it's the back rub. B u r p! Oh no I hope he didn't hear that. I would tell him that but The words just aren't coming out. Oh No! why can't I talk? Why can't I move? Or Remember? I am so tired. Did He drug me? I can't even remember that. What happened to me? I want so badly to feel the grass . I wish I could ask him to take me outside.

The man moves away from the window as It talks to his brother. No! Don't take me from the window I want to yell from the roof tops. I try to squirm away but he holds my tightly. I hear them talking but I can't see the man. But I remember his name, "Eric" Yes Eric. surely he sees I am imprisoned, why doesn't he save me? Doesn't anyone care? Nothing makes sense anymore and I am fading fast. I think I must of been drugged. Maybe it was in the milk? I just can't keep my eyes open a second longer. Oh no! What will happen to me while I lay asleep?The man is walking again. As I fade away, I hear Eric say, "Night little one. Happy Birthday, your three months old today"................... What? I'm a baby?

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