Friday, September 28, 2012 by Stormy Stewart

As we walk this road we call life we are often filled with a bevy of emotions. Some good some bad. But all are needed so we can sort through the rubbish and find our way. We come into this life as we leave it alone. It's sad but true. All we can count on is that fact. Did you ever wonder why? I have. But there is a way to redefine your search for the right person while you are here.
I am sure you realize that we set up our lives, make contracts, raise families, concur worlds, and yet we are truly alone. We count on others who may or may not let us down. Ever wonder why that happens? Maybe the love you thought was so right was an illusion. There are many kinds of love. But these two are the most difficult to see through. The all-encompassing love and the all-consuming love. They may seam like real love but it's a flawed love. The one to hold out for is the all-empowering love. This is how tell if your love is the love of your life, or a guise to keep you in turmoil. With the all-consuming and the all-encompassing love you work way to hard trying to maintain a balance which drains you of vital energy. Love should give you wings, If it doesn't you are in the wrong relationship. Do yourself a favor and if that is the case get out now before it destroys your health  or mind.

So what is the difference you ask? Well an all-encompassing love is created as a circle covering all and hopefully controlling all. But the problem lies is the control. No one wants to be controlled. Even though it is a milder case  that the all-consuming love make no mistake if it is not shared it will fall down around you. While all-consuming love takes control of you. In worst cases you become a stalker. But even if you don't it controls your emotions and therefore your life. And at some point you become unbearable.

Now lets look at the all-empowering love. Like it's name it empowers you both to rise up and become a better you through love. It is a light-airy kind of love. It allows the other to follow their dreams and allows you to also. there is a deep connection  to the knowledge that if it's the one it will survive, grow, and flourish. By empowering the other person you empower the relationship.

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