Friday, September 28, 2012

So you think you want to own a Syberian Husky? by Stormy Stewart

Well lets really think about this. Sure they are beautiful, versatile, smart and an all around great dog, but there are things you might not be aware of. I have owned A Siberian Husky  for 7 years now. Cody'lu Lord of the Winds. He is beautiful, smart, crafty, persistent, unyielding, demanding, loyal, loving, and a great protector, but he is also a free spirit. You see huskies are not a normal dog. You can't tie them, chain then, cage them, or ignore them. They are able to get out of any chain, tie or cage. Then they are off. Like the wind on a summers day. Running, playing, investigating. In hours they are two counties away in the middle of a 5 lane highway pacing back and forth between the cars like a wild caged animal. This happened to my Cody-lu.
They jump 6 foot fences with ease and jump up or down an entire staircase in one leap if on a run. And their runs are like the wind, fast, free and without warning. I now own 3 huskies, they live in my house with a four acre underground fence to contain them. They hunt as a pack. Nothing lives in the 4 acres. Not squirrel, bird, bug or another dog that is crazy enough to cross. My boys are loving and friendly to anyone who comes to visit. However, once I had a friend come to pick up something from my house while I was gone. The dogs wouldn't let him near. They are very strong protectors.
If they should get out, you must hunt them down. They will not return home, no matter how much they love you. There is just too much to see out there. They are first and foremost wild, free spirits. If you can learn to live with them for 6 to 10 years and your lucky they might decide to stick around if they are able to get loose. My Cody-lu now age 7 has finely decided that life here is good enough. His children Demon and Raptor age 5 have not.
As in any clan, there is a head. Cody-lu takes that position. Demon is in charge of  safety while the other rest, night watch. Raptor is the nurturer. We have a 8 month old Rotti/lab pup. He would have been lunch, but Raptor took him under her wing. He became her pup. Cody-lu maybe the head but Raptor has no fear and if she says something it is done. They wait for her signal if someone approaches. So if your thinking Husky, please, read up on wolves. They truly are similar in actions, needs, and decision-making skills. I love my boys but they are not for people with no time or room for them to run. They need both like you need air. Be responsible and think twice before getting a husky. They are beautiful but they are a handful too.

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