Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spells using pantry staples

1. Bayful Wishes (using a bay leaf)
Want a wish to come true? A trip to your pantry is as far as you should have to go for help

On a BAY LEAF write your ONE WISH. Burn the BAY LEAF in a NON-METAL BOWL.

Your WISH is now on it's way to coming true! I hope you wished well.


2. Sesame Money Magick (Using Sesame seeds)

Who doesn't need more money?

Give this a shot! This is simple..... Fill a JAR with SESAME SEEDS.

Leave the lid off:) An open jar of sesame seeds in a home is said to attract money.

Replace the seeds monthly.


3. Protection From Evil Spirits (Using hawthorn)

Have some ghosts that are a pain to live with? Give this plant a try Plant a HAWTHORN HEDGE on your property to give your yard and your house protection from evil spirits. Live in an apartment or other place where the outside isn't yours to plant in?Then bring FRESH HAWTHORN into your home, placing it in the room that gets the most paranormal activity. Replace every 3 months.

PS: You could bring a HAWTHORN PLANT inside instead of replacing the herb every three months. But you will have to be earnest in keeping the plant trimmed or it could grow out of control.


4. Protection spell (using gun powder and milk)

Here is a way to keep anyone in the world from bothering you.

Take powder out of a gun shell and put it in sweet milk. from Ancient Spells

Leave this sitting in a small bowl near windows and doors. ... thus protecting Your

***Please be responsible and put where small animals will not try drinking it


5.  Southern Charm Spell (using a magnet, dice,a cabbage leaf and cinnamon)

Southern charm usually brings one thing to mind: polite and gentle behavior.
But let us think of Southern charm as a tool for magic.
The South is renowned for its many variations of folk magic.
This charm is from my own background that includes a bit of Hoodoo and various Celtic beliefs.
To win financial luck, take a green gris-gris bag  (charm bag made of felt and the items placed inside, similar and yet not to a medicine bag, gris gris IA a voodoo term for it (thought it has other name banding on the "belief" as its called by a different name in santeria and cantabile) And place inside it;
three quarters, a magnet, a pair of dice, a cabbage leaf, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Assemble all of the ingredients before a lit green candle,
kiss the bag three times, and then whisper:

“What you will now do for me is multiply good luck times three.”
 Do this for thirty days until all of your bills are paid.
Carry the bag with you, and kiss it once a day.

By: Tammy Sullivan


6. hearth warming spell (with an apple) by Edain McCoy ( I like him)

The Fall Equinox gives us our second balancing point in the year. It also means the last of the harvest will soon be taken in. From this night onward the veil that separates our world from the spirit world
grows ever thinner until, by Samhain, it will be open for all to pass through.

In Welsh legends the land of the dead is in the western sea. To reach it you first had to pass several challengers along your path through Avalon, the vast orchard of apples that guarded and guided
travelers. Apples are a gift from the dead and the deities. Their orchard guards the pathway to the schools of magic and the land of the dead beyond.

To make your home a happy place to be, take a big red apple and slice it crossways so you can see the the five-pointed star within.

Remove the seeds and keep them away from children and pets. They contain trace amounts of cyanide, a deadly poison.

Cover the entire white part of the apple by sticking cloves into it. Cloves are for protection and health.

Place these in a 200-degree oven until they start to curl at the edges.

Remove them from the heat and place them in a small glass bowl so their scent fills your home.


Bless'd be the apple tree.

Protected with the cloves we be.

7.Good Marriage Spell (using an apple) By: Lily Gardner

Color of the day: Purple
Incense of the day: Apricot

June is named for the Roman goddess Juno, patron of married life. Here's  an old Gypsy charm to strengthen your marriage: choose an apple without  blemish and cut it in half. Write on a piece of paper your name and the name of your mate and trim the paper in such a way so that it fits
within the two halves of the apple. Fasten the apple halves together with toothpicks. As you skewer the two halves together say:

Together we're bound
Me, in love with you,
You, in love with me.
May all our words and actions
Be a reflection of our love.
Blessed Be.

Sprinkle liberally with sugar (love energy) and bake at 350 degrees F. until the two halves fuse together. This spell works best if both of you eat the magic apple.


8. Stimulate money protection spell (using basil, cinnamon, alspice. salt and powdered sugar)

Need to hold onto the money you've got as well as attract some new cash? Give this flash spell a try!Mix together equal parts of BASIL, CINNAMON, ALLSPICE, POWDERED SUGAR (or ORRIS ROOT) and SALT.

On or around the FULL MOON - SPRINKLE the MIXTURE either around your HOME, APT, APT BUILDING, OFFICE, CUBICLE or around your HOME OFFICE/STUDIO.

Replace every 3 MONTHS.


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