Thursday, September 27, 2012

Portable Altar/ Spell Box Orignally Written & created by 1997 -2007 Barbara Morris

I practice magic on my roof top & in the wild some times
and I found I needed a portable/collapsible altar,
That could clean up fast & easy.
Here is what I came up with.
Find an old shoe box (from boots is great) big as you can find.
Cover it in fabric and stuff with magickal or astrological herbs,
glue fabric to cover top and bottom of box,(they must remain separate).
Or, you can paint your box, adding magical symbols etc.
Next take 4 cloths pins and paint "Runes" or magical symbols on them.
Fill box with "tools", and cover.
To set up the "Altar, simply take the cover off the box
and place the four clothespins in each corner of the box top and flip over.
You should now have a standing "Altar" and the bottom of the box
Holds your "tools", you can easily work out o
F it. Clean up is fast and you can hide your "Magic" box anywhere .
It is also said that when you work from the same box
Over and over it gains powerful personal energy..
You can also buy a "magic" box AKA "Spell box",
But its more powerful if you make it your self..

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