Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Full Moon Blessed sabbat water

rose petals,
small compact mirror.

Goddess Position:

"In the cloak of the midnight hour
I call upon the Ancient Power
I seek the presence of the Lady and Lord
To bless this water that I will pour."

Hold water and say:

"I hereby cleanse and consecrate this water to Divinity
that it may be used for positive acts only"

Add rose petal to contained water and hold container up to Moon:

"In this water shines your Moon Light, through the power in Your tides, a portion of
Your power no herein resides, that blessed be this water."

Lift the salt to the Moon:

"Through the Lady do all things take their form; from the salt in the waters and the
salt in the lands of the Earth. Through the bright Moon Light, I do consecrate this

Add three pinches of salt to the water, stir three times, then use mirror to reflect the
Full Moon into the container:

"By three times three this spell I bind, that it be cast with the power of nine."

Stir the container nine times deosil. Feel the Moon and Goddess in self and water.
Open Third-Eye Chakra, letting its purple light flow through your hand triangle into
the water, making it glow.

"As I will so mote it be, with the free will of all
and harm to none, this formula is done!"

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