Friday, September 28, 2012

She waits By Stormy Stewart

She waits

She is always the first to rise and the last to fall asleep. While they fall asleep, she watches over the family and cleans the floor. Only after she is sure everyone is asleep does she nod off. She dreams of the exciting new adventures that await her with the coming dawn. And she waits.

Morning comes and she greets the first to rise with a smile and a kiss. And she waits for the next to wake. After everyone eats she starts cleaning. Laps, floors, faces, whatever is needed. Then it is her time. She goes outside and visits friends over the fence. Catching up on the latest gossip. Now everyone is at work or school. Her work is done. So she waits.

Slowly they trickle in, one by one, until they are all home safe. She kisses them as she hears of their day. She smiles as they relive the best parts. Ever so intently she listens to every word. It is almost as good as being there. She waits for a time when she can go off to work. But she knows right now she is needed here. It is so good to be needed. She loves her job of raising her family but still she waits...... waits for the day when she can explore other places and do other exciting things.

Today she is needed even more. She is caring for one who is sick. Nothing serious, just the flu. She walks her to the toilet and holds back her robe. She comforts her, kisses away her worries and checks her temperature all at the same time. She lays beside her comforting her. She is sick but with her help she knows she will be Okay.

She knows your not suppose to play favorites but she still has a special place in her heart for this one. Maybe its the instant connection they had when they first met. Maybe it is because they are so much alike. Maybe its as simple as a female knows another female. She never waisted her time trying to figure it out. It was a fact and the why really doesn't matter. Sitting there, she waits.

Well it's night time again. The night ritual is in full swing. With the floors clean and everyone in bed she stops in to check on her sick one. She is feeling better but still awake. She tells her a bedtime story about far away lands and her life as a child. They both fall asleep in the arms of the other. Suddenly there is a noise at the door. She is busted. Kaya, you know dogs are not allowed on the bed. Get down. Sarah needs her sleep. You can see her in the morning. Slowly with her tail between her legs Kaya leaves the room, glancing back at her little Sarah and says her good nights. Soon enough it will be morning. So she waits.

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