Friday, September 28, 2012

Old Wives Tales

If you spill pepper you will have a serious argument with your best friend.
Mandrake is a mysterious plant believed to have powers of preventing sterility in men and animals, causing barren women to bear children, and compelling love.
To break a mirror means 7 years bad luck.
It is unlucky to see your face in a mirror by candlelight.
A mirror should be covered during a thunderstorm because it attracts lightning.
If a mirror in the house falls and breaks by itself, someone in the house will die soon.
A rainbow in the Eastern sky,
The morrow will be fine and dry.
A rainbow in the West that gleams,
Rain tomorrow falls in streams.
To kill a raven is to harm the spirit of King Arthur who visits the world in the form of a raven.
If you sing before seven, you will cry before eleven.
If you bite your tongue while eating, it is because you have recently told a lie.
To prevent an unwelcome guest from returning, sweep out the room they stayed in immediately after they leave.
If a candle lighted as part of a ceremony blows out, it is a sign that evil spirits are nearby.
It is said to be unlucky to have your hair cut when the moon is in the wane as this will cause it to fall out and lose its luster. Cutting your own hair will tempt fate. To determine your future: set fire to some strands of your hair - cut them off first!. If they burn brightly, you are in for a long life. If they splutter and smolder, it is said to be a death omen. Never pull out grey hairs, for one will be replaced by ten. It has often been believed that a sudden fright can turn hair white.
A shiver means that someone is walking over your (eventual) grave.
The opening of a door of its own accord indicates that a visitor is on the way, whilst a slamming door may damage the 'spirit of the house' and should be avoided.
KNIFE: crossing two knives is bad luck. If you are given A present of a knife, give a coin in return to avoid 'cutting' the friendship.
'Let the superstitious wife
Near the child's heart lay a knife.
Point be up, and haft be down,
While she gossips in the town.
This amongst other mystic charms
Keeps the sleeping child from harms.' (Robert Herrick)

Washing laundry:
'They that wash on Monday, have the whole week to dry.
They that wash on Tuesday are not so much awry.
They that wash on Wednesday will get their clothes so clean.
They that wash on Thursday are not so much to mean.
They that wash on Friday, wash for their need.
But they that wash on Saturdays are dirty folks indeed.'

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