Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yule Spell Ornament

As Yule approaches, the opportunities for spellwork are seemingly endless.
If you have a holiday tree this year, why not use ornaments as a way of
directing your magical energies? Make a spell ornament to bring prosperity,
love, health, or creativity into your life.

You'll need the following:

A.. Clear plastic fillable ornament
B.. Filler material associated with your purpose: herbs, small stones,
colored paper or glitter, etc.
C.. Colored ribbon
Fill the plastic halves of the ornament with items that are associated with
your purpose. Try a couple of the following, or come up with your own

A.. For a money spell, add shredded bits of play money, Bay leaf, basil,
chamomile, clover, cinquefoil, tonka bean, Buckeye, pennyroyal; stones such
as turquoise and amethyst; bits of green, silver or gold glitter.
B.. For love magic, use Allspice, apple blossom, bleeding heart, catnip,
lavender, periwinkle, peppermint, tulip, violet, daffodil; crystals such as
rose quartz or emerald, coral; small heart-shaped cutouts, bits of pink or
red glitter.
C.. For workings related to creativity and inspiration, add feathers, sage,
tobacco leaf, hazelwood or birch, symbols of artistry such as paintbrush
tips, crayons, or colored thread. Add diamonds, quartz crystals, also
consider colors like yellow and gold.
D.. If you're doing healing magic, use Apple blossom, lavender, barley,
comfrey, eucalyptus, fennel, chamomile, allspice, olive, rosemary, rue,
sandalwood, wintergreen, peppermint.
As you're filling your ornament, focus on your intent. Think about what your
purpose is in creating such a working. For some people, it helps to chant a
small incantation while they work - if you're one of those folks, you might
want to try something like this:

Magic shall come as I order today,
Bringing prosperity blessings my way.
Magic to hang on a green Yule tree;
As I will, so it shall be.

Once you've filled your ornament, place the two halves together. Tie a
colored ribbon around the center to keep the halves from separating (you may
need to add a dab of craft glue for stability) and then hang your ornament
in a place where you can see it during the Yule season.

Gift-giving tip: Make a whole box of these with different purposes, and share them with your friends at the holidays!

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