Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gods and Goddesses Candle

This is to make a sacred working candle for consecrating, contacting, spell
craft, meditation, etc.

This process needs:
- 1 candle, preferably your favorite color (tea candle are ok)
- Knife or name label sticker
- Frankincense or Lotus oil


1. Set the time, choose full or new moon, but I prefer new moon, because
this is the time for new beginnings

2. Stick the name of your deities on your candle or carve the name on the

3. Anoint the candle with the oil you choose

4. Under the moon,
"With the light on this candle, gods and goddesses within
The gods will protect with their hands, and goddesses will bless with their
hands. So mote it be!"

5. Leave the candle for one night on altar, outside or inside it's up to you

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