Friday, September 28, 2012

Earth Mothers Winters Gift "Reflection and Contemplation" by Stormy Stewart

As the days wind down, we enter a time of diminishing light and winters cold blanketing snow. This is a time for introspection, reflection and contemplation. As we sit by our fires and snuggle in for the winter, our minds drift off to the questions "what if and why"! I have been wresting with my own demons and past unsolved dilemma's. These have woke me from a sound sleep and kept me awake at night. As I searched for answers one though keeps ringing true. There are three truths to everything. None are wrong, but as they are parts, none are right either. It is the sum of these truths that make the real truth. With this in mind I say. "Truth is a relative statement." 

Let me explain! I found this works in all areas, history, life, love, relationships, everything. Say I am with a man who verbally brow beats me daily, I am to report to him my whereabouts and I am sad and alone all the time because he seams so jealous I dare not make friends. Same relationship. He is with a woman who is always crying when she thinks he can't see, he suspects another man so he insists knowing her whereabouts, he's mad that she would treat him that way, she is secretive and hides her friends. People who don't know them see a couple who are in trouble, and maybe escalating into maybe a violent situation. Their friends see a version of what the person they are friends with sees. No one is right, yet everyone is. If you sit back you can take apart the pieces and figure out why each act that way. But to fix it there is more you need to consider, family  background, motives, and these are just a few that need to be figured in. So where is the actual truth? Somewhere is the mist of reality or is it all relative to the person viewing or living it.

Last night I watched a movie "Left my heart at Wounded Knee." It was done by White's trying to see the American Indian's perspective. It was in my eyes short of reality. But then again who's reality? Mine? Who am I? I was not there. I am White with a small part Indian. Still I have submerged myself with American Indian writings. So maybe I am closer to the truth than some others. The words of Red Cloud says it all when he was talking to a soldier who had killed many of his people. "Take heart, of all your weapons you have used on us, bullets are the ones we fear the least." To me the movie  was sugar coated to the whites part. Still it serves as a tool to see the truths in each side while allowing a third perspective that hopefully see's a better truth to the sins of mankind. We want, We need, We take, without thought of others. This is a reflection I see in all wars, but also in relationships and work as well.

My hope with this article, is to get others thinking. We as a race are in trouble. Wake up and smell our own shovelings. Reflect on the others  views and take note. Maybe we can both change enough to make our truths a little closer to the entire view of it as a whole. We as a race need love in our dealings not greed. Mother Earth never asked what was in it for her when we were put here. Take note and reflect on her today as you live your lives. Seek out the truths behind your actions and the actions of others. If nothing else it will help with your understanding of a situation.

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