Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In the world of food:

You may of seen this product on the shelves and some of you may have even bought it. I am suggesting you do not and here are six good reasons why. The one I picked up was

Healthy balance Juice pomegranate blueberry acai

The label said “pomegranate blueberry acai” the three juices listed on their packaging are “apple, pear, and grape”

They proudly carry the JDRF symbol and talk about the company on their label one one side, while in small print on the other side it states, “The JDRF does not endorse any product,” and that means theirs also.

Shows a picture of a woman with, three sets of letters after her name, endorsing the product. But to contact her you do it through their company. I mean HELLO, she works for them and she needs her pay check.

Shows 5g of sugar and yet none was added. What was added was much worse for you, splenda. (Don't get me started on that company)

This wonderful supposedly healthy product you would think would be all juice, but no, It is 15% only and the rest is water.

The last of a quick search shows out of the three names used as they
juice you were about to drink, only one is in the juice and this a very low amount of acai. There is flavorings for the pomegranate and blueberry.

                                                   ~ ~ ~

When you buy juice you want it to be juice not a water beverage. When you want those you choose a fruit water.

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