Monday, March 10, 2014

What Tree calls out to you.


Trees have been known to hold magic and wisdom within them. A tree is a symbol of growth, strength and harmony. At times of uncertainty, we can turn to the advice from trees and nature around us... Choose a tree that speaks to you the most. Read the answer below to find out its personal message for you at this time. Please feel free to comment and SHARE!

The Apple tree is Mother Nature at her finest. It is a combination of supply, beauty and stability. For many years, the Apple tree has been a sacred and magical source of food and nourishment. It is a symbol of immortality and abundance. When the Apple tree calls to you, its purity and honesty ask you to stop and think about all that you have been blessed with. What are the blessings in your life? Even if it does not seem that you have many, you always have one to be thankful for - Life. The more gratitude that you feel, the more blessing will come your way. The Apple tree is a reminder to remove all of the blocks within your life that have not been serving you. Show fearlessness as you move forwards into your new life experiences. Mother Nature is always standing beside you. Show gratitude to her by spending time in nature.

The Ash tree is known as ‘The Old World Tree’, full of ancient magical wisdom and mystery. It is the symbol of power through sacrifice and struggle. Through the ages, the Ash tree has been the contributing factor to wizard’s magical wands or sorcerer’s staffs. When the Ash tree calls to you, it wants to remind you that your life does not need to be confined only to necessity. Your life should be filled with pleasure, imagination and happiness. You should feel the universe’s encouraging guide to living a life of ease and flow. It is time for you to trust life and take intuitive action that will help you expand your life experiences. The Ash tree brings you faith and magic. Awaken to the idea that you are a being of creation and powerful change. There is no need for struggle and pain. Any obstacles that come into your path, you are the co-creator of. Think ease and flow, and if you believe, you shall receive.

The Birch tree is the absolute symbol of beauty and creativity within the forest. Birch represents new beginnings, establishing boundaries, renewal and purification of your current situation. This tree is strong and can withstand most temperatures; however it can shed its unwanted bark, just as a snake sheds its skin. When the Birch tree calls to you, it is asking you to cleanse and renew a current situation in your life. You have the power to heal and re-create anything you desire. Shed what does not serve you anymore. Leave old habits, old beliefs and negative energy behind you. It is the perfect time for a personal reinvention.

The strong and stable Cedar tree provides protection to so many living things. Its durability and endurance can last for hundreds and hundreds of years. The Cedar tree has quite a simplistic approach to life, much like the message it provides to you. If the Cedar tree calls to you, it is sharing wisdom of safety and healing. Remember that things are always simpler than they appear. You need to TRUST LIFE. Do not over think anything. Keep all things simple, clean and live guided by your heart. When you keep a balanced and uncluttered mind, you will find that you control the power to fix and heal any issue that might come up for you. When you decide to live with simplicity and confidence, you have a great chance of standing strong and living a long and healthy life.

The Cherry tree is a beautiful and fragrant symbol of fragility and life. The Cherry’s first stage is a perfect blossom that stays only a short time before transforming into a delicious and nutritious fruit. It is a perfect example that life is so very precious and short lived. When the Cherry tree calls to you, it is a message of happiness and life. Life is too short to be weighed down by negativity and heaviness. Your life is filled with such sweet and fruitful opportunities; you just have to become aware of them... to be able to take advantage of them. Enjoy the beautiful blossoms. Enjoy the peaceful transformation into rich bountiful fruit. Live everyday as though it is going to be the best day of your life. Your life is beautiful and precious. Carpe Diem!

The Cypress tree is a symbol of solitude and sacrifice. According to ancient stories, the Cypress tree has always been an example of sorrow and reservation. There is no overindulgence what so ever, as the Cypress tree limits its growth in flourishing. When the cypress tree calls to you, it sends a message of inner question. What are you sacrificing in your life? What are you giving up that would be aiding in your true happiness? You are the creator of your own life and only yours. Every individual should have the ability to play out their own journey and destiny. No one should ever be the ‘keeper’ of another. If you are feeling that you have been sacrificing yourself for another or vise versa; take a step back and examine what is really going on. The secret to life really is happiness. Every being on Earth should have the chance to experience it.

The Elm tree is an ancient symbol of friends, family and traditional values. An extremely powerful tree; its beauty also holds warrior like qualities. The Elm tree is full of loyalty. It is the symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve. It is such a loyal and valuable example of fighting for what you want, even when you have lost all hope in a situation. Elm is a grounded and inspiring tree that stands up to all that looks down upon it. When the Elm tree calls to you, it is sending you a message of hope and resilience. If you believe in something, then it is worth taking a stand for. This world needs more passion towards the things you hold dear. If you are feeling as though you want to give up hope and cannot charge forward any longer, know that your determination and perseverance will pay off. If everyone gave up when things looked bleak, there would have never been any gold metals, any victories won or any major inventions. You too have the ability to stand for what you believe in and come out on top. The Elm tree is always with you for good luck.

For thousands and thousands of years, the Hawthorn tree and its naturally twisted trunk has been a symbol of optimism and mystery. Its promise of strength, renewal and friendship; provide a feeling of balance and ease to all that comes near it. It is the great barrier and protector. The Hawthorn tree symbolizes personal boundaries and personal growth. Like an old wizard with magic all around him, the Hawthorn encourages you to stay confident and powerful through your own personal journeys. When this tree calls to you, it wishes to provide you with a message of adventure and taking action. If you are faced with a challenge at this time, it is important for you to think outside the box. Things can always be approached from another angle. There is always another way.

The Hazelnut tree is a symbol of creativity, passion and craftsmanship. An example of instinct and change, this tree reminds you that you can always turn over a new leaf. You can change anything at any time, even if it is only your perspective on the matter. Darkness can be turned to light. Sadness can be turned to happiness. You can find renewed meaning in any situation. If the Hazelnut tree calls to you, its message is to encourage a new vision. Someone’s garbage is another man’s treasure. It is all about how you look at things. Enjoy every journey in which you create something new. The creation is just as important as the product itself. Turn to family and friends for extra support.

The Maple tree is magical and colorful as it ages with grace and kindness. Such profound beauty and gratitude it shows the Earth from which it grows. The Maple tree is the symbol of practical magic and mystery. When the Maple tree calls to you, it sends you the message, that you too hold the ability to ‘create’ miracles and magic of your own. Everything in life is a mystery. Everything in life is a miracle. When you believe in yourself and believe in the possibilities of life; anything can happen. The Maple tree provides you with comfort and support as you progress in your personal journey of creation and mysticism.

The king of the forest is the all mighty Oak. There is not such a stable and grounded tree, than this proud and accomplished symbol of nature. The Oak is the symbol for strength, survival, bravery and personal honor. When the Oak calls to you, it is time for you to recognize the courage and bravery within you. Whatever it is that you have been scared to accomplish; can be crushed with your determination and confidence. If you are feeling weak or helpless within a matter, there is always a way to overcome your issue. The Oak tree wants you to overcome all of your anxiety, anxiousness and nervousness. We are all nature and we all come from the same materials. We are all one. There is nothing ever to fear but fear itself. Stand tall and confident.

The Palm tree is the perfect example of flexibility without breaking. Such peace and contentment come from this tree. When the Palm tree calls to you, it is suggesting that you increase your flexibility with an issue you are dealing with. Be willing to see both sides of any matter. Knowledge is power and power comes from opportunities. It is time to enrich your soul by expanding your views and seeing all sides of every situation. The Palm tree reminds you to stay strong and flexible, yet keeping grounded with a calm and peaceful outlook.

The Pine tree is not only a celebratory holiday tradition, but it is the symbol of peace, miracles and perfection. This tree has always been a shining example of reaching for the stars and working towards your dreams. What is it that you have always wanted to do with your life? Perhaps a hobby, a goal or a career; daydreaming has always been a great start to a new venture. When the Pine tree shows up for you, it asks you to put your life into perspective. Don’t be discouraged by others if your goals and dreams are not that of everyone else’s; that is what makes them so special. The Pine tree is a reminder that YOU are an individual that will contribute to this life in your own way. Be the most authentic you that you can be. Be proud of your life and the way you create it. You are perfect the way you are.

The colorful and creative Rowan tree is full of magic and connection into the world of dreams and fantasy. An ancient symbol of protection and transformation, this red berried tree has been a symbol of higher consciousness and inner awakenings. The Rowan tree calls to those who need to feel more freedom and inspiration in their day to day lives. It’s time to ask yourself, “What is it that will make me feel inspired?” The Rowan tree’s creative encouragement sends to you a message personal growth. It is time to increase your inner vision and start tapping into your inner guidance to start living a life of magic.

The Willow tree is one of the most mysterious and seductive trees. Its feminine energy is a strong symbol of fertility, community and power. It has such a strong presence of balance. Learn from your visions and intuition. The Willow tree provides a nourishing embrace of healing and self love. The Willow tree is an authentic symbol passionate expression. If you feel the Willow calling to you, know that its pure message is asking you to recognize all of the emotions that you feel. No feelings or emotions should ever go unnoticed or be suppressed. Surrender to nature and your intuition. Communicate with your body and notice what your personal vessel is saying to you. Put your inner healing first. Feel... Be... Live.

The breathtaking Wisteria tree blossoms in the most beautiful purple flowers. This captivating tree will grow and flourish with so many blossoms, that its trunks and vines will become so weighed down. The only way that it can stay up, is with support. Wisteria is a symbol of eternal love and romance. It is truly a peaceful example of acting from the heart, over the mind. When the Wisteria tree calls to you it is a sign that you must become aware of the situations you are putting yourself in. You never want to feel weighed down or overloaded with others attitudes or drama. All relationships are give and take. There has to be balance. Make sure you are feeling supported as well as supporting those who you are in relationships with.


  1. What it says in the Wisteria tree is amazing! So true to how I am and my life is. Thank you.

  2. I identify with 2. After reading about the cypress...I raised an eyebrow. Then...I read the oak. I sat with my cat and sobbed. Thank you. I know what I have to do now.

  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing and letting us share, to keep the message of the trees going! Sissy