Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let him Go Love Spell


One egg to seven eggs depending (personally I'd go with seven eggs)
Eggs are fabulous, particularly free-range eggs, which are generally sold in supermarkets today.  

Now, if you are still having lots of trouble getting over someone who you know you should not want back, go get yourself an egg. Or maybe seven.

On seven consecutive Friday nights (Friday is devoted to Aphrodite, so you'll be asking for her help here with this spell) draw yourself a lovely long bath, just at the right temperature.

When it's comfy to hop in (again burn a black candle to bathe by-it'll help those "fond" bittersweet memories that will drift up) take your egg (Which you shouldn't wash prior to this) and place it very carefully in the bath with you. 

Now get in and let your mind wander over all the reasons which affirm that it's best for you and that person who you know is absolutely no good for you should be apart. Don't get lost in horrible memories, instead gently remind yourself
that you are no longer going to allow anyone to rob you of your self-respect and self-esteem.

You are doing your magic to empower yourself. Do not think about how great it would be to get with him or her and them dump him or her. If revenge is still your problem, seek another spell.
The egg, symbol, by the way, of the Goddess, is a reminder of our ability to create ourselves anew, that new life is always within our reach as long as we allow ourselves to be reborn and let go of the past- particularly if it is damaging us. Contemplate these things and feel glad and happy that you will soon be embracing the new. 

Drain the bath- don't remove the egg until all the water has drained and you are safely out. DON'T EAT THE EGG!

Bury it, if you wish, in a place where you be sure it won't be unearthed, or wrap it up in thick paper, stomp on it (one more chance to get rid of the negative) and chuck it in the bin.

Do this every Friday for seven weeks.

If you still get pangs for (he should now be nameless), you may need to do a little work on the astral plane.

Get yourself an egg and roll it gently over your naked body, standing in the moonlight is best.

This will loosen and soften the ties that bind you to thing.

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