Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get over it love Spell


Cast this spell on a Saturday, the day symbolizing death and endings.
This spell will enable you to view the relationship as finished and get on with your new life.

Hanging on to the past will itself be a thing of the past.
--1 yellow candle 2 sheets parchment paper or handmade paper green ink
--2 drops essential rose oil 2 drops sandalwood oil a piece of green stone, jade, or green glass
--1 green candle heat-resistant container

Cast a circle of protection. Light the yellow candle and repeat:

"I allow (name of ex-lover) to peacefully leave my life. I am glad that this is so. "

On the piece of parchment, write down all your negative feelings about the ending of the relationship, all the injustices and wounds you felt you were dealt. Do not hold back. Let your emotions bleed into the spell (figuratively speaking of course). Weep or wail if you wish-this is the time for grieving, and take as long as you must.

When you have completed your grieving and calmed yourself, sprinkle the oils over the paper.

Light the green candle and hold the parchment and glass bead over the flame.

Repeat three times:

"Let all fury, anger and despair depart my heart. (Name of ex-lover) is free to leave my life. I now allow the winds of change to bring my good fortune to me. "

Place the paper and glass (or mineral) into the heat-resistant dish and allow it to burn down into ash.

Feel the pain of the relationship burning away; allow the flames of anger to die down to embers, then ash.

When cool enough to handle, take the glass keepsake to a body of water and throw it into its depths and do not look back. As an alternative, bury it deep in the earth, and do not look back.

Allow the spell ten days to work.

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