Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrricks Day Anyway

Although Pagans do not celebrate this day because of what it represents, I am part Irish so I wear a snake to celebrate the fact that we remember what they tried to do to us.

The moon last night was bright as it cascaded its light down upon us all, reminding us we are all looking up at the same moon each night. We all make decisions everyday that change the course of not only our life but those around us. It is never easy but it is even harder when decisions that others make send your life into turmoil. Lately I have been trying to make sense of past relationships. The fact of the matter is some just do not make sense. Sometimes you just have to bless them and move on.

Today is a new day and it begins the rest of our lives, I pray the other people who have passed through my life have made decisions that made them happy. If not then maybe they were the wrong decision. We all make them and forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give another. In closing I wish everyone reading this: love to find you and hold you within its bosom and, of course, light to show the way from the darkness we all feel sometimes. May you all find that special someone to hold you tight each night and the inner peace you get from knowing you made the right decision in your life. Oh and Raptor my ever faithful Husky says "Woof"

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