Friday, November 30, 2012

A few Writings By Dorothy Morrison

Apple Seed Health Charm
By Dorothy Morrison

Soak some apple seeds for 10 hours to soften them, then with a needle and
Strong thread and string the seeds on it to make a necklace. It doesn't
Have to be a lot of seeds 9 will do unless you would like more on it.

Now charge your necklace by chanting this as you string the seeds together:

Fruit of life fruit of death,
Hearken to my plea.
Bring good health from both your worlds,
As I will, so mote it be!

Sun Phases
.....Dorothy Morrison

The Sun emits an uncomplicated, direct masculine energy that is warm
and golden-feeling. Unlike the Moon, He moves through several
different phases every day, availing the practitioner of unlimited
opportunities for immediate spellwork. His wide range of properties
can boost almost any magical effort normally aided by the Moon.

Sunrise lends its energies to beginnings, change, and cleansing. This
phase is beneficial to magical workings that involve new endeavors in
employment, love, or direction in life. Rejuvenation matters such as
renewing hope and trust, good health, or even mending a broken heart
also benefit from this energy.

To seal spells performed at sunrise, use this chant or one of your
own choosing.

"Oh, Youngest Babe, so newly born,
Help me on this bright new morn.
Aid this spell with Your fresh power,
And strengthen it with every hour."

During the morning hours, the energy of the Sun expands and becomes
strong and active. Any project that requires building, growth, or
expansion works well during this phase. This is an excellent time to
build upon the positive aspects in your life, to resolve situations
where courage is necessary, and to add warmth and harmony to your
home. Morning-Sun energy is also of benefit when performing plant
magic or working spells for financial increase.

To seal spells performed in the morning, use this chant or one of
your own choosing.

"Oh Brother Sun of growing strength,
Come to me and stay at length.
Wrap this spell with intensity,
And add to it Your potency."

* NOON *
The influence of the Sun reaches its peak at high noon. This
vibration is excellent for performing efforts that involve the mental
abilities, health, and physical energy. It is also of value when
charging crystals, stones, or metal ritual tools such as athames,
censors, and cauldrons.

To seal spells performed at midday, use this chant or one of your own

"Father Sun, of strength and might,
Aid this spell in taking flight
To its target, now please guide -
Increase its power as it flies."

As the Sun journeys downward, His energies take on a receptive
quality. Use this phase to work efforts involving professionalism,
business matters, communications, and clarity. It is also of benefit
for spellwork involving exploration and ravel.

To seal spells performed in the afternoon, use this chant or one of
your own choosing.

"Aging One of Amber Light:
Hearken! Hear me! Aid my plight!
Take this spell where it must go,
And give it power that it might grow."

The predominant energies of sunset provide a suitable condition for
spellwork requiring reduction or alleviation. This phase lends itself
to the removal of stress and confusion, hardship, and depression, and
the disclosure of deception. It is also a good time for dieting magic.

To seal spells performed at sunset, use this chant or one of your own

"Oh Setting Sun of passing day,
Aid me in Your gentle way.
Take this spell, oh Ancient One;
Give it Your strength as You pass on."


You will need:

* A small jar with a screw-on lid
* Scissors
* Assorted threads in different colors

Cut the threads into 1 to 2 inch lengths. Drop them one by one into the jar, saying:

"Bits of thread, protection shed."

When the jar is full, screw the lid on. Lick your index finger and use it to draw a pentagram on the jar lid. Charge the jar's protective powers with the following incantation:

""Oh, Hestia of the Hearth and Home,
Guard my Family with your might.
Protect them from all ills that roam
With this small jar, sealed tight.

Protect this Home, oh Hestia, too,
Confine all evil to this jar.
Bring good vibrations old and new,
And grant good will near and far.""

Place this jar in as central a location as possible in your home. 

~ Dorothy Morrison

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